Like the 3DS after OOT3d, right?

“Last week, people were shouting from the rooftops that we’d see a Wii U price drop, but it didn’t happen — and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen for a while. Moffitt explains the issue, stating, “with great hardware coming, that will drive the install base. The perception of our price has changed, but what’s also changed is that people now see what great content is coming. They’ll see the value in those games. They’ll be able to enjoy a Wii U in their household for a lot less than a competing console.”

It wouldn’t sell even WITH a price drop.

The only thing they have that’s worth a damn at this point is “Project X” from Monolith, but otherwise, there’s nothing from Nintendo to suggest they have anything that will really drive sales (not that X would anyway). Again, if NSMBU couldn’t sell the Wii U as it has done with DS, Wii, and even the 3DS, there is no hope. Mario Kart 8 only has a slight chance of doing that, but after the failure of 7, it’s very slim.

Even Smash Bros 4. looks like ass. What with the inclusion of The Village Idiot, Jillian Michaels, Other M Samus, and Spirit Tracks levels, Mega Man cannot salvage a tarnished product. Mega Man isn’t even that popular these days. He hardly has games people want, and Capcom rammed their cancellation orders up his ass 3 times. No MMO, no  Legends 3, and no weird MM2 remake. You know what character would actually drive interest to Smash Bros 4?


But in all seriousness, put a Kingdom Hearts character in and you will be flooded with fanboys. Someone with actual relevance to today’s youth. Put Mickey Mouse in, fuck. I just want an excuse to kick his ass all over the place.

Mega Man has lost his luster and is not enough to draw in more fans. He’s not a bad addition, but it’s a little late for his inclusion considering the platforms involved. 3DS? Unnatural and needs extra devices. Pii U? Too damn expensive and faulty. And I can’t help but shake the feeling that they’ll force you to use the touch pad exclusively for this addition. People who are impulsive to declare that Smash will “push sales” are delusional nintards who are starting to lose hope.

People don’t have faith in Nintendo to deliver after their circus show from 2010 and up. They fucked up so badly that they drove away their “expanded audience” without blinking an eye. So the lack of a price drop won’t bother the majority of people. Most will purchase a used console for a fraction of the price or not at all. Either way, they really screwwed themselves this generation. HD development is pricey. And this comes during/after the 900 million profit loss from the 3DS, that’s already a crazy alternative. Since (as predicted) 3rd party developers flew away from the system as soon as possible to starve Nintendo, their workload is heavier than ever as they have to carry the system forward. Sega won’t get any support from fans or the industry drones online, Bayonetta won’t do anything for them, and what in the hell is the Wonderful 101?

All this combined with the touch pad which I’m sure is a pain in the ass to develop for, Nintendo is in a dire situation. Their budgets are going to be eaten alive for HD development alone. I don’t think anyone saw Pii U’s poor sales coming this early or this badly. The statement doesn’t come as a shock but a realization that they NEED that money desperately. But if the only people willing to fork over the cash are the same small numbers of Gamecube enthusiasts who couldn’t help the GCN succeed, they might as well refocus their attention on the Wii and 3DS. Leave Pii U to rot. It’s going to bleed you dry in the pitiful economic environment we’re in.