Xbox One nawt patrioddict!

US armed forces would’ve really enjoyed playing the new Xbox. But thanks to Microshit’s policies of Kinect, the military believes it’s a threat to their own security.

“”Even when the Xbox One is in sleep mode, its built-in microphone can always listen in,” explains the article. “It’s a feature developers say will provide quick voice-command access to games and apps — but that could spook commanders who might worry the always-connected device could also capture more than just idle chit-chat among troops.””

Microshit probably has no choice now BUT to change some policies. As nationalistic as these white folks are, the sob story of armies not being able to play a video game would be so shocking that it’s bad for business.

But at least someone with authoritah spoke out about Xbone’s orwellian bullshit. Not just anyone, but “AMERIKKKA’S HEROOOOOOOS!”. If they think Kinect’s “always on” tech is dangerous to them, just imagine what hell it would unleash on the homeland, what with NDAA, EEA, and more evidence to suggest that dissent against government will be punishable in the future?