So Aonuma has finally recognized that Zelda fans are getting fed up with his trite development skills? Of course not. If so, Obama shredded that damn health care bill.

“With regard to… breaking the mold or changing the formula, I certainly hear the thoughts of fans. The impressions of fans that maybe it’s getting a bit stale,””

No, it’s shit! The formula’s been stale since Majora’s Mask, and no one wants your style of gameplay anymore. If YOU don’t change (or preferably leave), Zelda WILL die.

“”The concept of the item will be completely different than what you’ve experienced before,””

Oh Amma.

This person is not at all aware of why Zelda games are not popular anymore. The concept of items have DRASTICALLY changed from games prior. Everything you get is used to solve puzzles. That’s NOT what Zelda fans want!

Despite the desire to evolve and experiment, there are also worries about changing the formula too much and losing what made the Zelda so special in the first place.

It’s already gone. Aonuma went full Computer Style with the Zelda franchise and has, more or less, killed it off. What made Zelda special was it’s combination of Arcade and Computer style gameplay, giving birth to the “Action/RPG” sub-genre. Zelda today has no action. It’s balls have been completely cut off. Kids today wanting medivel RPG action look toward Western developers with Dark Souls, or even Sakaguchi for Last Story, Ganbarion with Pandora’s Tower, or fucking Fire Emblem Awakening. Didn’t that game outsell Skyward Sword at one point!?

Aonuma says “we” even though it is his primary responsibility in how Zelda is handled today. He needs to change his own direction or Zelda will die. But he won’t do that. He’s just as stubborn and arrogant as many Japanese developers these days.  I doubt he gets any executive meddling due to his unwarranted and mistaken praise for the series over years of development. I mean, if Sakamoto gets promoted for destroying the Metroid franchise, what in the sam hell kind of hope would one have for the Zelda series? He takes concepts from his own son, none of which fit the world of Zelda.

You don’t need to evolve, but you do need to grow up.