*sigh* If only this was real.

Something I’ve noticed with gamers lately is that despite their utter hatred of Sonic games, they still prefer to see Sonic in crossover titles such as Smash Bros., Racing Transformed, that fucking Wreck-it Ralph, the Sonic-Mega Man crossover comics, and those petty Olympics games. They could care less for Sonic’s main series games, but crossover events are A OK!

So why no put him in Project X Zone? Certainly, the prospect of using Sonic side-by-side with Mega Man X would be thrilling to many gamers, not to mention being with Akira Yuki, Ryu, Dante, Jin Kazama and plenty of other characters. Yeah, the game won’t sell, but think of the increase of fandom that would be included in such a cross over. Since Sonic fans are largely composed of Xers (which contain rabid anime and 3DS fans), the amount of people buying the game would likely increase.

Capcom certainly isn’t against using their various incarnations of Mega Men in cross over titles. Infact, Capcom doesn’t give a fuck. Sega and Namco seem to be the shy ones with Sonic and Pac Man both. Of course, Pac Man hasn’t been popular in decades unless it’s another rehash of the same damn game but I digress. Sonic games may not have any appeal but Sonic is still a popular video game character and icon. Why the missed opportunity? Better this than sporting events with ring tossing against a Yoshi.

Oh, I forgot. Sonic is only there to be whored out for money with crappy cross overs while those that are worth his time is instead given to Sega characters no one gives a fuck about. Virtua Fighter is the only recognizable Sega entity and it’s been proven that those characters are not appealing in the slightest. Everyone else on Sega’s roster have been Japan only franchises with the exception of Ulala (but who cares about that crazy bitch?) Once again, SOJ has proven their utter distaste for Sonic the Hedgehog.