Sans Iwata’s horrible engrish.

You know, it kinda sucks this is on Wii U, especially since it takes after Xenoblade in a lot of ways sans Mobile Suits that transform.

Xenoblade, despite being a Computer RPG style game, was just fucking fantastic, and easily washed away the bad taste Skyward Sword left in my mouth. Yes, gameplay is kinda iffy, but the sheer scope of the world that let YOU explore at your own pace…. it was a really great game. More than a lot of RPGs, it felt like you had more control over your own characters and party than you would have with say Mega Man X Command Mission where they butt fuck you in your character party at almost every chance they get.  Xenoblade’s own mythology was also very well written… up until you get to the whole “Zanza” sub-plot about Gods and… stupid shit but that’s aside the point.

Out of all the Nintendo Direct shit they gave us, this is the only game that looks like it’s worth getting, which is unfortunate as it looks like all the other HD bullshit we get from Sony and Microsoft’s current consoles. It doesn’t have mass appeal as did Xenoblade, and the music, as good as it is, gives off the impression that it’s trying to be another “epic” video game that doesn’t send profits soaring. And with the Wii U which is about to “Dreamcast” early, they need something else. Unfortunately, with the games they are showing off, they’re not gonna raise sales by any real margin.

None of the games they showed off even justify the $400 price tag. Why in the blazing hell is Mario Kart taking ideas from Sonic Riders and Racing Transformed? Mario in a cat suit? Though 3D World looks more fun than Sonic’s Lost Mind, I feel a bit disturbed by how Miyamoto claimed they made nothing but clones for NSMB by saying “we would have to give Peach dress physics”, but they turn around and do that for a 3D Mario game. What in the fuck, man!? It’ like they’re trying to kill off NSMB!

Nintendo…. they shot themselves in the foot with the Wii U. The expensive tech, the higher dev costs, and the stupid desire to kill off NSMB (one of their major money makers)…. they can’t win this one. They’re irrational and clinically insane people. They care more about their passion projects than saving their business from the economic depression that’s going to bite them on the ass. What… happened between 2010 and now that caused these dumbasses to shift from being gamer friendly to selfish bastards? I mean they had a positive streak for 3 years before immediately shifting gears and opening up with fucking… Other M… and shit… it’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, they just go back and forth with their goals. I bet the share holders are getting pissed.

But yeah man, X looks nice. It won’t sell at all, but it looks nice. Though because of the HD whoring, it looks worse than Xenoblade, graphically speaking. HD textures or w/e just always looked ugly in general so X looks… ok for the most part. Still better than every other game Nintendo showed off. The problem is still the price. We are in a depression. There’s mass unemployment, the majority of people cannot afford these games at these prices. BS4, Xbone, and Pii U, they’re all too expensive. It’s exclusionary by price alone. This… this is the last generation of console gaming if these console devs honestly believe they can make sales in a depression with those outrageous prices.

I think gaming discussion is gonna shift from “Console fanboys” to “Hardcore vs Casual” to “Class warfare” the way this shit keeps up. And it always seems like the shitty consoles get all the best games. PSP has God Eater, HD machines have Ninja Gaiden and DOA, 3DS has Shinobi and DOA, Vita’s getting the Muramasa remake and Phantasy Star Online 2, Xbone is getting KI3, and Pii U is getting “X”. It’s like developers put all their passion and hardwork into pure shit! And prices…

The game industry is full of idiots and assholes.

But dammit, X looks nice.