Ok, there’s a new trailer for Super Smash Bros. 4. YIPPIE!

Or not.

Nintendo is going to fuck up Smash Bros. yet again. While I can’t say anything from a gameplay standpoint (since you’re not allowed to judge anything before playing it), I’ll go by how unappealing the game looks.

For one…. there’s a stage based off of Zelda Spirit Tracks.

There’s a Nintendogs Stage

They took the Skyloft stage hack from Project M and made it their own stage. How original.

They’re using Link’s Skyward Sword Model.

They’re using Samus’s Other M model.

It looks just as slow as Brawl.

They brought back Final Smashes, the bane of Brawl.

There’s a fucking… animal crossing character.

Fucking… Wii Fit Trainer.

Is Nintendo even using their brains!? Spirit Tracks was probably the WORST Zelda game ever created, followed by skyward sword, and they’re showing them off like they did anything other than damage zelda’s reputation. And Other M? They’ve got some fuckin nerve using that model. No one wants to be reminded of that travesty of a game that DESTROYED a franchise!

And Animal Crossing!? Are they serious!? Ugh!

It’s Nintendo Land all over again. Nintendo seems more interested in making a celebration of Nintendo’s game developement history instead of a game about Fox being awesome and kicking the shit out of everyone for the disgrace of RUINING the Star Fox franchise!

…..Well, at least the new Battlefield looks nice. And they wait until now to put Mega Man in the game. Well, at least he looks cool too.