Ok, so now we have assholes defending Microshit’s X1.

Now, I’m sure there will be quite a few hardcore morons who would fall over themselves in agreement because “they studied law”. The EULA hasn’t been enforceable up until last year, and yet no one is enforcing them now.

You know why game developers didn’t care about the EULA? Because they never lost money back in the day. Used games weren’t even considered a threat until developers started losing profits. However, there has never been a correlation between used products costing developers millions besides bitch ass David Cage complaining about having more users than sales (his piece of shit should’ve never sold period). EULA is mostly applicable to computer software. I assume his copy of COD:BO2 is a PC version because I don’t know any CONSOLE game that has a “white slip of paper” with license information. They have manuals. Let me pick up my copy of Brawl and see…. nope! Nothing to prevent the reselling of my game! Just saying to not use it on unauthorized software (IE emulation). There’s nothing considering the game to be a mere “license”, meaning I can do whatever the fuck I please with it. Skyward Sword a piece of shit? Get the fuck out of Wii and my house! Ooh! Shitty PSP with God Eater! SOLD!

Ubisoft seems to have the same thought process. My Rayman Origins manual says nothing of that sort either! Just “don’t pirate, fucker!”. I’m sure he’s talking about the PC version. Of course, I believe this is because Nintendo actually maintains control of their consoles instead of bending over and handing that power over to 3rd party devs. Because looking at how western devs tried to swindle gamers back in the day, I have no doubt they would’ve ruined the Wii.

Fox News BS. This is why Computer gaming is dangerous to Console gaming. Western Developers continue to push for the unnatural transformation of Consoles to living room PCs. It allows the developers to have more control than you do. But of course, the Hardcore/PC gamers will be pleased. They enjoy being slaves to corporate buttfucks any chance they get. Western developers are Computer developers. They are obsessed with the PC. Every game they make these days feel like PC games. This is the real reason why they hate the Wii. Not some silly “Hardcore vs Casual” marketing that EVERYONE fell for. It’s because the Wii gave them no control over the gamers.

Nintendo man, get your act together before it’s too late.