I was right. That shit IS disorientating.

So the cannons are not Mario inspired but rather taken from Sonic 2 Oil Ocean. Fine, my bad. You hear “secret paths” or w/e, that’s Mario shit.

Man the gameplay looks boring. And Dessert Valley is stupid. You shift from a diabetes filled world to… a beehive-like place? First off, why forgo the consistent theme of Sweet Mountain repeats? It makes no real sense from a design standpoint. No one likes random break

It seems like many aspects from past Sonic games were brought back for the sake of nostalgia, not for any specific usage for gameplay. Can you do the Super Peel Out at will? It’s as though the purpose of this game is to create reactions of “Oh look, they brought this feature back from *insert Sonic title* How neat!” Yeah, we can blame Iizuka for that too.

Bounce Clouds = S3K

Cannons = S2

Dessert Valley Act 2 = Knuckles Chaotix

Super Peel Out = SCD

Jumping on food balls = Colors

Dessert Valley Act 1 = Klonoa

It just feels like it’s gonna be a total sausage fest for the trivia nerds online. It doesn’t tell me at all that Sega is reaching back to it’s roots. Going back in your catalog and pulling features from past games and loading a new game up with them is not what we want. It’s only cute shit at this point. Where’s the Techno Dreamworld aesthetic? Where’s the GOOD music? Where’s the psychedelic level design? I don’t care about those damn gimmicks from Oil Ocean! This is just recycling content. The first 2 levels are Green Hill trope # w/e and a repeat of Sweet Mountain! Why the fuck is Sonic traveling in worlds based on food!?

Feels like Sonic.

Feels like Sonic

Feels like Sonic

Feels like Sonic

Looks like Sonic

Took me back to Hill Top Zone


I mean this is worst than the Toy Land from Sonic Advance 3!

Well I’m glad they aren’t taking inspiration from this hell hole.

The “Parkour” bullshit sounds like it will control even WORSE than what we had normally. First off, I like how they’re overdoing the “well everyone’s like I hate when I hit that tree!”. First off, these were not problems in the franchise, and is a complete fallacy to assume the few that apparently had this issue matter more than those who would say “alright, lets rev up again!”, suck it up, and keep going. Now you can run UP the tree. But even then, it seems Sonic’s speed is still reduced. So, the Parkour system fails to solve the non-issue of losing speed. And my fears were realized. It’s just there to aid in the almighty fetch quests.

And the guy playing is so obsessed with the fetch quests, he wastes all of his time showing off secret locations of the Red Rings. Which I think defeats the purpose of having them be “secrets”. My Ra man, don’t spoil the game before it gets released! You’re supposed to be demonstrating the gameplay and levels, not giving away game secrets before the final build is complete.

Bah, what do I care? It looks like shit and I ain’t buyin it. Maybe that’s why he’s giving away the secret locations, he knows that piece of shit won’t sell either.