Hurray for simple, generic storylines!

I’m SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! Sonic and Eggman teaming up to defeat the 6 deadly retards OMG! And being able to use the touch screen and motion controls for wisp powers is fantastic! Innovation is always great, no matter how arbitrary!!

OMG a 2 player support mode! What essentially sounds like the Tingle support mode from Wind Waker where there is no true coop is OMG COOL!

And that Ricardo user is SOOOO RIGHT! Eggman would NEVER try to kill Sonic despite his attempts in SA2, Unleashed, and every game before Sonic Heroes! I mean, those were just Robotnik on his period! Because in Sonic X, Robotnik showed lots of compassion toward Sonic after getting beaten by meterex or w/e the hell that is!! And we all now Sonic X is CANON, right!? I mean, look at this incredible logic!

“Eggman knows exactly what the blue hedgehog is capable of, and he knew sending Sonic down a space capsule was something he could indeed handle. Even when Eggman squished Sonic using Time Eater, he did not want to kill him. Eggman just wants to see Sonic suffer, and impress him by getting out of near-impossible situations. Eggman would not be a bad guy if it weren’t for Sonic being alive. Eggman’s motivation to be “evil” is because Sonic will try and stop him, and he apparently likes it for some reason. I don’t know what I just said, but again, Eggman knows what the blur blur’s limits are, and would never truly hurt him.”

IT’S TRUE! I mean, Robotnik knew first and foremost that Sonic could use Chaos Control to get out of an exploding capsule! Him saying “farewell Sonic, my LOATHSOME advisary” was just him trying to impress Amy and Tails even if it didn’t benefit him in any way! He just LOVES being the bad guy! There’s also ZERO CHANCE that Robotnik is just tricking Sonic! I mean they’re best friends after Sonic X!!!






I now have a headache after typing that. But this is bar none the funniest thing I’ve ever read. There’s absolutely no skepticism for this game at all despite warning signs of more complicated controls, completely unnecessary motion/touch controls, and a story that would make a 2 year old vomit. I mean what is it about Sonic and Robotnik teaming up (for the upteenth time might I add) that sends these nitwits into a school girl frenzy. These might be the Sonic X fans because there’s no reason for such excitement in the first place.

Of course, Anime fans have always been stupid, but combined with Sonic, they take idiocy to a whole new level. There’s nothing in the trailer for anyone to get excited over either. It’s just silly and incredibly slap stick. Plus, the gameplay doesn’t look nearly as fun as Unleashed or Generations. Hell, Black Knight looks better than Lost World. There is no real potential in this game becoming a success for obvius reasons, but primarily within the realms of being on an expensive console, being “Sonic”, and just looking less fun than every Sonic game that has come out previously. Not to mention I feel there will be complaints about a “support mode” instead of an actual “coop”. Sonic is the only playable character too? Again? Man, Sega doesn’t even bother trying to appease the rest of the fans anymore.