Oh you!

“If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards,”

This despite the fact that Xbox 1111 has the same goddamn CPU as the original Xbox. X86. Bah, I’m sure some techodrone is foaming at the mouth reading that and screaming “IDIOT!” several times at his monitor. Let me guess, it’s a “completely different version of the CPU chip not related to yadda yadda”.

At least let this rep come out and explain why instead of mouthing out the middle finger to everyone who’s more than likely pissed off about this. Xbox One has to be the most hostile console ever developed. So many strict policies on used games, online accounts, and Kinect devices, shit!

How does any of this benefit the customers in any way? When you make a product for the consumers, they need to assess the needs of the customers. Gaming customers want stable machines to play games for more than 3 years, they want a variety of games (hint hint Nintendo), they want backward’s compatibility, they want online to play with people across the world without a catch. This is how the Wii succeeded where the other consoles failed. But nowadays, console devs are so caught up in stupid features like “TV” and “development software” that they completely ignore the needs of the customers. And Mattrick’s comment about Backwards Compatibility speaks volumes about them not giving a shit. But hey, since when does Microscopic care about anything but handing their customers magnifying glasses to suck their dicks more easily? They only have the worst customer service in the whole-wide world, their operating systems fuck up so often, and their game consoles took the PS2 strategy and basically mandates a re-purchase every 3 months or so.

It doesn’t assess ANYONE’S needs except Microshits. Everything this console needs involves deep pockets. You need constant internet or else you forfeit a gamer tag and need buy another one, need a gamer tag for different Xbox’s or you need to rebuy your game collection just to play your shit again, need a functioning Kinect device and hope it doesn’t fuck up or pay for another Kinect, increase your internet bill just to log in EVERYDAY for your tag to stay available.

Xbox One is based around anxiety and revenue generation. In a capitalist society, you need people to remain virtual anxious and in some form of fear if you’re going to convince them they are flawed people that they need to put down just enough money to buy your products. There’s so many weight  loss commercials to give a fat ass a heart attack. Make people feel ugly without make up. Make people feel stinky with out a special brand of soap. Make feel unhealthy and guilty with diet bars. Xbox WAR!? Make people feel irresponsible by requiring they log in every day just to keep their accounts active. Make sure they follow all the little rules carefully or risk taking a hit in the pocket book. It’s nothing more than a free tax machine (but it’s YOUR FAULT for not being attentive to it’s needs).

This is an “exclusionary” game device as it looks and sounds more and more like an expensive computer, just with more taxes than usual. In this recession, Microshit can’t appeal to anyone except upper-class crackas who don’t mind being watched every moment of their life.

Ain’t nobody gonna buy this piece of shit except the dumbasses on Gaf, Faqs, and YT. I mean for what? A stroke at a premium price? I know this bitch is gonna cost up to like 700 G’s or more.