So these bastards posted up a Q&A regarding the “features” of Xbox “ONE”!


Q:    Does Xbox One require an “always on” Internet connection?
A:    No, it does not have to be always connected, but Xbox One does require a connection to the Internet. We’re designing Xbox One to be your all-in-one entertainment system that is connected to the cloud and always ready. We are also designing it so you can play games and watch Blu-ray movies and live TV if you lose your connection.
Q:    How do consumers benefit by being connected to the cloud?
A:    The cloud makes every experience better and more accessible.  Because Xbox One is powered by the cloud:

  • Your games have more power available to create new gameplay, persistent worlds, and deeper experiences.
  • Your system and games can update automatically, so you shouldn’t have to wait for downloads or updates.
  • Your games and entertainment are stored and saved in the cloud, so you can access them anytime, from any Xbox One.* 
  • Start a game, movie, or TV show on one console and finish exactly where you left off on another.
  • You can play multiplayer games with your friends, stream movies or TV shows right away, and enjoy the community and social features of Xbox Live.
  • Xbox One can recognize you, log you in and tailor your home screen just for you.”

Pay attention to the bold. The second question gets an answer about playing games off of cloud. This is important because you cannot play a used game on a different Xbox. You NEED an account. Without the account, you will be charged a fee to play the shit on another Xbox. The cloud system is there to subvert this, meaning your game has to be tied to an account just to play the game without any additional fees. So if your shit fucks up on you, you better hope your account is still active or else you will be charged.

The “Always Online” isn’t the Console’s status. It IS, however, a mandate for all users or face penalties.

If PS4 takes this same route, I apologize to Sega for siding with Nintendo.