Microsoft will charge fee for secondary installation.

Kinect Required.

Wow. Really? I mean, it’s bad enough that the Durango or whatever the fuck they’re calling it is an attempt to block out used games, but charging people to use the same fucking game on a different Durango!? I can just see failure rates turning people off. Microsoft has purposefully unstable game consoles that demand re-purchases, and poor customer service to boot! If you buy a shit load of Durango games, but your durango fucks up, you have to buy an new console, and REPURCHASE ALL OF YOUR GAMES! So that’s like the normal unit price + the grand total of your entire Durango game collection + the new tax laws for violent video games in the works (which I’m positive will make up like 80% of the hardcore’s collections) + the price of a Kinect device…

Shit, PS4 sounds sexier at this point, despite the lack of BC. If only Sega didn’t sign up with Nintendo’s piece of shit device.

Fuck it, Microsoft is just shooting themselves in the foot this generation. There’s no way in hell they can succeed with all of these factors alone. I don’t give a rats ass what the hardcore dipshits think or say, their optimistic “you haven’t even tried it” bullshit can hang the fuck up for the summer, this is insane.

And requiring a Kinect device? Well it isn;t that a coincedence? I mean, since the device will now actively monitor your activity during play time, Microsoft honestly believes spying on gamers will do anything for the government?

And in this economy, only the stupids will buy this crap. How’s that “COMPUTER GAMING” working out for yah “master race” bitches?

Cheers fuckers!