And fucks with youtubers.

“it wants to place ads at the beginning and the end of videos featuring Nintendo games, such as Let’s Plays, with that revenue going to Nintendo as opposed to the creator of the video.

Well, lets see how many justifications people make up for this. “Well at least they didn’t get people banned from youtube like Sega durrr!”. However, you involuntarily forfeit your control over your videos to a company due to how fucked up Copyright laws are. How do you like not getting compensation for your own LP? Lets see, you pay money for a game and decide to show people how it plays while listening to your annoying ass voice, but someone else profits off of it. At the same time, the company who gets the money splits jack shit with you and decides to put ads on it, or block off the content whenever they see fit. But I can just smell the cheeto breath of the Nintard race ready to gulp down some of that Italian sausage cheddar in a desperate bid to paint this as being “good for Nintendo”. I’m sure the internet law experts will be on board to justify these actions too. After all, what is law than a rule setting that corporations have free reign over?

Why would Nintendo want to profit off of Youtube videos? None the less fucking LPs? Shouldn’t the 3DS be selling decently enough now that they’ve started making better shit for it? Or did the Wii U sink those profits even further than before? If Nintendo’s hardware and software were selling decently enough, they wouldn’t need to resort to this.

Sega did those Shining Force fans a favor.