The question of the quality of New Super Mario Bros. is baffling to the Nintards in that they parrot Shigeru Miyamoto’s quote like a broken fucking record.

“People enjoy NSMBW because it is more accessible than 3D Mario games”

A complex control scheme does not stop people from loving FPS’s. COD remains one of the best selling franchises of the generation. That excuse holds no water for why people want more NSMB over Galaxy 2. Infact, the war between Galaxy and NSMB is so fierce, it makes even the SNES and Genesis Console wars look logical and sane.

I mean, what a tacky excuse. “Accessibility”. Miyamoto is an arrogant bastard if he honestly believes having “easier controls” means more people will love the game. Then again, if they were as fucked up as Skyward Sword, it’s justified why people would cling to a Link to the Past. Or OOT since, you know, there was never a Zelda game with a top down viewpoint according to Miyamoto’s pet, Aonuma. But if Miyamoto honestly believed that “accessibility” led to a better game, he wouldn’t bother with a “DVD for pussies” pack in, he’d actually improve in that area. But he knows damn well that the Galaxy games don’t need them. They’re outrageously easy enough as they are. This is him distorting the reality of preference, and insultingly so. All Mario games since 64 have been piss easy and accessible, and not ONE has been debased on that fact alone.

Then there’s the criticism with how easy NSMBW is compared to a lot of Nintendo games. This is implying that having easy difficulty is automatically a bad thing, which I find Ironic when you consider the Nintard’s non-objective and overly pronounced love of Wind Waker, Yoshi’s Island, Kirby’s so-called Epic Yarn. You can’t even die in Epic Yarn, and yet that game gets un-wavered love over NSMBW. Oh I’m sorry, it has an “quirky art style” attached that makes the hardcore twats go gaga over it. Despite that graphics don’t matter. Mmm K.

There’s something about NSMBW and it’s success that threatens the sanity of the Nintard menace. And I believe it has something to do with more than just difficulty or accessibility. These are just buzzwords that have no real impact on the game’s quality (and why the fuck would accessible controls be an issue is beyond me unless Nintards want gaming to be exclusional). It’s probably more to do with the lack of “creativity” the game possesses. See, computer/hardcore gamers are obsessed with creativity. Nintards, being the strange alien life-forms they are, have been used to their love-interest’s un-warranted praise of being the most “innovative” company of all time. A game like this is un-evolved. Unoriginal. A rehash. A spit on their faces. And yet, it’s success up until NSMBU is like a stain on their pride. As if their beliefs were shat on into a file of factual information. Something they cannot even dream to lie about constantly as they do for all things Nintendo.

It’s a sign that these are the games people really want from Nintendo. And the Nintards cannot handle the truth. Infact Nintards are so prone to distorting reality, accepting the truth might give them a stroke.

That said, why would Nintards want more Starfox? That’s not creative at all! You just fly around an shoot things. What’s innovative about that? Not a damn thing. But it was fun. How is it that Nintards are demanding a FUN Starfox game over a “creative” Starfox? They’ve literally become their own anti-thesis.