No one cares about the gamepad’s features!

I don’t think developers have realized yet that no one cares about these little gimmicks like giving monsters “text bubbles” or reading messages from players who got their asses kicked. I don’t give a fuck about them!

Here’s what I’ve seen from the DS and Wii. All titles start out with pointless gimmicks because “the tech is there”, the games suffer because players feel forced to use badly implemented controls, later on the games get better as a result of NOT using the gimmicks, players are generally pleased.

Why are they pulling this stupid shit again!? Because it’s just there? If Revelations sucks (which is might), the Wii U version won’t be “enhanced” by the touchpad in any way. You’re wasting money, time, and resources on a feature that no one genuinely cares about.

The Wiimote is superior to the touchpad in several ways.  It is fully interchangeable fr several different gaming genres. It’s a swiss army knife of player control. Wanna play a rail-shooter? You already have the light gun! FPS? Stick a control stick in the ass end. Fighting games? Erm… classic controller ahoy!

The touchpad looks clunky and unsuitable for a variety of games, and looking at how RE:R is playing out, it’s easy to see why. Developers wanting to force more gimmicks into the gameplay for no real purpose. It’s not at all convenient, which the DS and Wii was able to provide. Look how Jill has to solve the puzzle by looking at the touchpad and using it while the main game is still going on with an enemy in the background. This does not at all look like a fun feature. What is the logic or point to it than to justify Nintendo’s tech? Some of the best Wii games (NSMBW) are the ones that use the least amount of motion controls for gameplay. What did you do in NSMBW besides fly with the copter suit and pick up objects? Nothing else. It’s completely minimal. Brawl uses NO motion controls and people couldn’t be happier. Skyward Sword was crammed with motion plus gimmicks and only the nintards can stomach it.

Resident Evil does not need tech gimmicks. Why do I need to look away from the screen to check my map? Why not minimize it on screen and put it in the corner, enlarging it only when I pause the game? That’s not an obsolete feature at all and has been more convenient than anything else. That way I don’t have to take my eyes off the action just to check where I have to go next, just a quick glance at the corner and then back in gear. It’s an unnecessary change.

Not to mention the game itself looks…. stupid. Where are the ZOMBIES!? Why are you fighting mutants lab freaks!?