Nintendo informs Wii owners that Wii U is a new console roughly 6 months after launch.

It’s not just an upgrade“.

Gotta love the message title too. “It’s TIME to discover Wii U”. They’re basically saying “you’ve got your buggy ass copies of Pandora’s Tower already, now throw your piece of shit Wii into the trash and BUY OUR GODDAMN CONSOLE!”

This comes in a week after Iwata basically says the Wii U is selling poorly. The mere fact that they have to resort to this just shows they are truly hurting. But here’s some gold from Iwata.

Iwata blames this lack of first-party consistency for the system having “lost momentum,” but promised investors Pikmin 3 in July will see the company’s lineup reignite.

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There you have it Nintards. Proof positive the Wii U is shit. You can stop living in denial and hiding behind your 3DS’s. I don’t think even Pokemon XY can save them from Iwata’s stupidity.

Suddenly, those Olympics games make sense now. In the case that Nintendo flatlines with their hardware sector, they want to avoid the onslaught of Sega fanboys flooding their Nintard lairs with:

I mean Sonic fans are a lost cause as they’re so in love with Nintendo, they’re probably all mistified with the Olympic games believing they are some “peaceful harmony”. I mean with the threat of Microsoft set to destroy the very fabric of video games forever, they need an alliance. But Nintendo is so stupid lately. Have they thought that maybe Wii owners (me included) don’t want to buy a Wii U, especially at them j**ish prices!?

XY had better be the shit at this point seeing as Nintendo destroyed NSMB series.