You know, there’s one thing that pisses me off about gamers today is their sheltered little worlds where they think that anything having more than 80% of it’s dialogue filled with profanity, that thing is not worth reading, watching, or playing. I find this amazing mainly because gamers in general curse a lot. But despite that, I find it incredibly surprising that using harsh language in any given situation, even under stress or anger, is frowned upon in the gaming communities that fester the internet.

I’ve been on youtube before Google’s little real name policies and have taken so much heat for using profanity in all of my vids (which were mostly composed of rants), but I’ve always that vids that were very low on profanity tended to get no views. But gamers have this very… very sick tendency to gloss over everything if the language is not sugar coated. Are internet gamers all women?

Gaming communities are not the cleanest communities in the world. Many of them can be liars, trolls, and generally rude people to others who express conflicting views (EGG!), but for some reason, if you have naughty words (or loads of it), somehow you’re now being offensive.

I’m not against criticism in any regard, but too many times I have had critics ignore points of my videos and/or posts mainly due to the language used. Damn what I have to say. Who cares about the context of the message when there’s about 30 fucks used to describe the issues? These are mostly complaints from gamers of all people which I find ironic and mostly hypocritical. I had no idea civility and decency was in high demand over the internet. Somehow, we have this mindset where we… need quote “professionalism” in everything we do. Professionalism being “positive language and respect toward everything in the subject matter”. But half the time, I ask “why”? To be taken “seriously”. I’m not asking to be taken seriously. The only time I would ask that is in inquiry to something that is actually important. And video games don’t fit that criteria at all. It’s junk entertainment, there’s no need to be taken seriously at all when discussing video games. No one takes gaming journalists seriously at all, a random youtuber or a blogger shouldn’t be held with higher expectations.

And even if I did clean up the language, the majority of what I talk about is anti-Nintendo anyway, so I wouldn’t be taken seriously if I didn’t hold them in high regard while hating New Super Mario Bros.

One of the biggest things I am amused by is that a majority of the people who don’t like profanity don’t like it because they were specifically told it was bad language back when they were kids. But we never understand specifically why they’re bad words in the first place. For one, hardly anyone would know that SHIT was an acronym to describe a brand of manure. Or fuck being derived from a german word (since anything related to germans brings us back to Hitler), but we don’t care. These naughty words somehow “erode your soul” and literally ruins the message being conveyed. We give so much power and weight to certain words that we become so frightened and run away when a waterfall of fucks start pouring out. But we never pay attention to context. Most of my material, if you will, involves ranting. Rants are usually “angry”. Would profanity not be appropriate in that regard? I can be a foul mother fucker. Swearing helps me convey my message with a more abrasive manner. Which is… 9 times out of 10… the approach I’m going for. I don’t generally like when cuss words become the prevalent point of a rant. I like them to be infused as a way to drive the anger, disgust, or whatever other emotion is trying to be conveyed.

I’m pissed at a majority of what’s going on with video games because it’s a hobby I used to enjoy. And as the days go by, it becomes harder to enjoy, and when I discover all of the major reasons of why it’s no longer enjoyable, I tend to get pissed off a lot. Because a lot of times, it’s not because developers want to appeal to a much larger demographic or because of money, but mainly it’s because developers are either very stupid people or very selfish people who knows what sells but actively avoids making what sells because they have their own passion projects they want to make. Nintendo falls into both categories of stupid and selfish, and time and again, they have shown that they do not want to change. To describe my frustrations with gaming with “cruel kindness” is an oxymoron.

But Gamers can be Anal retentive cunts when it comes to details in any body of work. Hell, most gamers would declare a game a failure if a certain pixel in a screenshot is not 1080p. Or having “sexy” women making up the majority of characters in a game…. automatically making the game a failure.

This one’s false advertising anyways. But so mother fucking fun.

Admit it. You’re going to resist the urge to fap.

Profanity has no chance with gamers, hell. It’s ok when THEY do it, but when the games relate to them in anyway, it’s offensive. My Amma, gamers must be women! I think the biggest problem in regards to pussified gamers is the very real issue in which people don’t use context and just throw it out there for the hell of it. But even if a person has a message and a context assisted by profanity, people ignore the context and assume the person is 14 years old or has some mental disease. Gamers are prone to throwing out baseless insults like these all the time, but they’re acceptable on any internet forum when it’s against someone who goes against conductive norms like worshipping developers like Platinum Games, Eiji Aonuma, or Hironobu Sakaguchi. Throw around a few or more curse words, you’re written off period.

I could care less about being called a Sega fanboy or being accused of sucking at popular games, but to ignore someone’s points based on the language used is almost as close-minded as not wanting to put down money to play a game about a green dinosaur who’s been turned into fucking YARN!

Yes… this….. shit.

That said, as has been shoved down my throat multiple times throughout my life, try to have an open mind. Yah limp dick fuck ups.