Ok, so I’m playing Pandora’s Tower, and I made it up to the Dawn/Dusk Towers. I’m playing through it just fine when all of a sudden I gotta go back and feed Elena beast ass.

And now I can’t even get back in the bitch! The game freezes everytime I try to enter either one of the towers! I can go back to every other mother fucker just as easily, but these 2 bastards are inaccessible!

DAAAAAAAAAAAMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! The game was just getting juicy! I’m near the fucking end of the game and it locks it’s own nuts up! SHIT! BITCH! FUCKING ASS AND PISS!!!!!! LIGHT A FIRE CRACKER IN MY DICK! STAPLE MY NIPPLES TO MY BALLS!

DAMMIT! I love XSEED man, but they turned into gold diggers with this port! How the hell does changing a region code fuck up the twin towers?! I bet Nintendo slipped that shit in to discourage people from holding onto their Wiis! They’re so angry that their piece of shit WiiU is a failure! Not even NSMBU could save it’s ass!

Or Elena did it, getting pissed that I kept feeding her shitty beast ass. You want drippings bitch!?