Finally got some Pandora’s Tower and OH AMMA NOOOOOOOOOO!

Did this… crazy white bitch just EAT A PURPLE BEAST HEART!?


Fuck, I’m just watching these scenes where she eats monster meat and it’s sooooo painful. Doesn’t help that she’s a vegetarian but FUUUUUUUUUUU……

Anywho, yeah this game officially aped every Zelda game after ALTTP. There’s a much bigger focus on combat, robbing monsters of their asses (literally) and then feeding that shit to a chick to watch her cry.

So I beat the first Tower and I have a bad habit of getting in, ripping someone’s ass out, then I just leave to refill that gauge, that shit goes down so fast.

So I’m in the Sheerdrop Spire but since the east coast is about to get ass raped by Mother Nature (named HAARP), I won’t be able to continue the ass ripping till tomorrow. None of you give a shit, I know. But yeah, this game just gives a lovely dose of balance to combat and puzzles (something earlier Zelda games before Aonuma have managed to do.). How the hell do I increase the equipment blocks, though?