So, not only is Microsoft a eugenicist/population control company and using illumiroom and kinect to spy on your ass, they’re now hijacking your ability to play games that are used. It’s basically confirmed at this point that next box will have built-in DRM. Orrrr it’s a publicity stunt where the rabbid and pretentious “IQ” havers will go “Good! There’s no DRM can you now stop with the bullshit rumors!?”. Yes, those people cream themselves at wanting others to be wrong.

It’s hard to believe, but gamers actually have some damn sense. In the wake of Microsoft’s NWO policy, some folks are speaking out.

Here’s a nice list of damn good quotes from gamers over the net.

that’s just a big problem with gamers in general, it seems. Too many are far too willing to defend any terrible thing a publisher does with some of the weakest excuses I’ve ever heard. Why? We don’t owe these companies our blind love and devotion just because they put out games for us to play. Our love and devotion should be reserved for those companies that go that extra mile to do right by us.

-mjc0961 on the subject of Durango’s “Always Online” policy.

That, my friend, is the MAGIC of shareholders! 😀

You see, they don’t give a shit about your product. They just give you money and ask you to grow in order to get that money back + growth! So they want you to grow more and more and faster and faster and they don’t give a rat’s ass what you have to do to make your profits go up so theirs go up.

They basically hijack your company and force it to make more and more and more profits, regardless of your wishes for your product, and there will be hell to pay if you can’t make your stock value go up by at least a quarter of its previous value by year end…

This is what’s causing companies to go evil, be anti consumer, use sweatshops in china that employ kids, and crash themselves.

-gamegod25 on shareholders (probably explains Iwata’s constant stream of apologies… and Wii U).

A man chooses. A slave tweets his support for every choice

-Jim Sterling on Nintards.

The thing is though that I think the gaming industry as a whole is banking on the increasing rise of gamers who have never known anything but being exploited sheep. They pretty much rode the storm out, ignoring the complaints of gamers whom they realized would be coming back for their products no matter what they did… much like a Junkie does with an abusive dealer when there is nobody else to get their fix from. The big comment made by the publishers nowadays seems to be that there are a number of young 20-something gamers, starting to make their own money in substantial enough quantities to be a marketing force, who have never known anything but exploitation. It’s easy for them to look at their angry elders, mostly 30 to 40 something Gen Xers, and be dismissive because for them this is how things always were, and they happen to be used to it. What’s more for “Generation Y” there is a relatively bright future ahead as they are coming into their own when the Baby Boomers are retiring. The recession and sociological realities that decimated Generation X aren’t as big a deal for them, and they generally don’t worry too much about the cost of luxuries, especially in the future.

-Therumancer on Hardcore gamers in general.

“I think the gaming industry as a whole is pretty much looking towards this generation and that attitude as it’s big salvation, and truthfully I am beginning to think that predictions of a crash might be premature simply because most of them are based on consumers from “our” generation getting fed up with this and how we’re starting to wise up and turn our back on the practices. That doesn’t consider what happens when a conditioned Generation Y hits the market and props it right back up. Like any new generation they outnumber us, and truthfully the industry doesn’t care at that point if they lose our business or how loyal we were, or how integral to their development or becoming a big business like this.”


“The core cause of the current big publisher collapse that we’re seeing in slow motion occurring right now is that publishers aren’t scared of the consumers. That’s right, I said it. In the past, publishers were worried about sales not making profit due to not getting the word out well enough. They were scared of us so they did their damdest to make sure that they were looking to earn customer loyalty because they could not afford to do so.

Today though? Not happening. Publishers not only aren’t worried about earning customer loyalty, they expect it and demand it by essentially threatening us. They put review embargoes up, institute always on DRM, threaten to cancel accounts for consumer exercising legal rights, hack up required game content to sell piece meal, etc. because they think they hold the power. Publishers used to serve the role of providing marketing and promotion for developers and their products, now they actively hinder those efforts because they think people will buy the crap anyways. They think customer loyalty and income is some unlimited resource that they can constantly pull more out of with no recourse to feed their bloated business model.

Let’s be blunt: NO. IT’S. NOT.

It’s going to happen soon as indie markets start getting more refined and crowdfunding holds steady, putting out quality games for far cheaper and earn that loyalty that big publishers realize they don’t hold the power that they think. It’s time to make the big ticket publishers afraid of us again. It’s time they earn that loyalty instead of expecting it. And if they can’t? Screw em. Despite what the US Congress thinks, no business is too big to fail. The funeral pyre of the burning shreds of their business will be lovely during a clear, starry night.”

-LordLunder being Boss.

Right off the bat, people have to stop thinking of Microsoft as a game company, I also think referring to the xbox as part of Microsoft’s gaming division or saying Microsoft even has a gaming divisions as a whole is oxymoronic as Microsoft has a MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT division and that’s a completely different thing.

Ever since the first Xbox was released it has been Microsoft’s intent to provide a content distribution system that is accepted as a standard device in a living room simply because pcs never really have been and the end goal of this strategy has always been to become a MAJOR PLAYER in the digital distribution market with each console offering more and more functions besides gaming.

The issue is that Apple beat them to the punch

-Kael Arawn on Macroshits.

“Do you have any clue how excited most media company would be by the concept of a locked down media distribution system for home use with even a portion of the xboxs current market share? I guarantee you there’s a lot of music executives getting rather excited by the prospect right now as it offers drm control ON ALL stuff sold via the network, and Microsoft would be looking to please the people who own IP rights on this type of stuff now more than ever as making fat stacks of cash for selling other peoples product on your own digital distribution networks is a very lucrative industry practice just ask valve.

-Same, on Media industry assholes.

I think the problem is most of these executives likely either get their information from “focus” groups that mainly consist of well to do kids or parents of said kids who don’t realize, or care, that high speed internet connections are not the norm. Or the groups consist of non-technical people who don’t realize that they might not meet those bandwidth requirements because they think think any internet connection is enough. So when asked if they would be fine with an always online system they just say “Sure sounds fine”


“The gaming industry is in such a titanic climb right now that they’re about to stall straight into a nosedive.

“I think the reason they have that kind of attitude is because they are banking on sales from the kind of people who will buy the console because it’s all shiny and new rather than for any other reason. There are some people who have to have the current generation, regardless of how good or bad it is.”

-Legion, on Apple fanboys

“The games industry seems more like our banks, water, gas and electricity suppliers. Constantly screwing us over because they know they can get away with it. They show very little desire to actually keep us happy as consumers.”

I still can’t grasp why people keep buying those things when their old ones break. I understand people not wanting their gaming libraries to be inaccessible but somewhen people should realize that they are basically being shafted just so MS can save 5 cents per console for solder.
And chances are that BS like this will get even worse next gen, as they don’t seem to have to fear real consequences and people will just buy a new one if their system fails.”

-anonymous on 360’s failure rates.