Cranky Gamer Syndrome is a psychological disorder that is rampant in a good majority of hardcore gamers. Since 2004, a large number of gamers (mostly PS2 owners) took it upon themselves to have “brutally honest” opinions toward video games that do not meet or exceed their unrealistic expectations. Regardless of game quality, their opinions can (and most likely will) be disproportionately harsher, grossly inaccurate, and filled to the brim with dry humor masquerading as “witty one-liners”. They are mostly seen on internet forums (gamefaqs especially), Sonic Fan Sites, or on youtube via videos inspired by the AVGN. At first, it is a monkey see, monkey do kind of behavior. They imitate their “heroes” until the mentality becomes them. What happens is it becomes a cycle. So many people are influenced by these pathological personalities, what occurs is that more and more people become cynical towards video games. So then they just blow shit out of proportion. Every video game comes under fire if it doesn’t have enough flash or appeal, is not a shooter, or some “EPIC” game like SOTC. Most developers would find gamers like these hard to please, but so many try anyway.

Plenty of reviewers are inflicted with CGS. Even you might be.

This particular reviewer goes by the name “Game Dude” and “alexander4488”. This goes over the Star Fox games “Adventures” and “Assault”.

In the Assault video, he fakes getting lost in the attic of Sargasso Station. It’s honestly one giant square. Notice he skips the exit twice. And in Fichina, it’s clear that you’re supposed to use the Landmaster in order to complete the first portion of the level. Next.

Here, he complains about the game having no map. This is a blatant lie as you can bring the map up using the D-Pad. Also, time would not run out if his pasty ass wasn’t lazy enough to get in the damn Arwing, take to the skies and blast enemies away to decrease the enemy gauge. At the same time, he complains about the Arwing being too far to help Slippy…. yet he’s carrying a fucking homing launcher which can compensate for it. And time isn’t running out. He’s running out of shit material.

Dis cracker is on that yak.


I thought it was funny at least.

While I believe Assault is less than average, it is nowhere near as terrible as this person makes it out to be. Of course, considering how many people like him are “influential” for many gamers on the internet, this review alone would be detrimental to the intellectual capacity of several gamers online, unless they find his humor dry. But looking at the majority of gamers online, I have no confidence in that matter.

I also like how he complains about arbitrary objectives in Adventures but praises the Zelda games for doing the same shit.