In order to understand Sonic’s foundation to be hated, there are 4 things to understand

1. Focus on Spectacle

2. Lost Appeal

3. Cranky Gamer Syndrome

3b. possible trolls

4. Sonic fandom self-hatred

When a game focuses on spectacle, it’s objective is to increase appeal so that people will come running toward it. The game play? Fuck it.

More times than we could count, people were (and probably still are) attracted to the spectacle of video games, movies, and tv. We can go back and replay many of the most popular games and find out there isn’t really anything significant about it’s gameplay which, in this era, is proclaimed to be the #1 important aspect of selling a game to people.

Funny thing how Nintards always claimed “graphics were not important” even though Nintendo advertised the hell out of the graphics of DKC.

Aside from that, clearly the key to success of the 90s was the spectacle of graphics and gimmicks. Like a child, expectations were never high for them to achieve much. To us, it was all just entertainment. They could be hard or poorly programmed. Who gives a shit!? I’m playing a fucking game!

With the rising popularity of X-Play and cranky game reviewers in general, as well as a general sense that people wanted quality for the $50 price tag nowadays, the selling point of spectacle was little more than a dying breed. Name brand became the new spectacle of sorts. Video game concepts and gameplay now came into question. America, in general, became much more close-minded and cynical after 2001. The optimism and acceptance that Americans had back in the 90s were slowly, but surely, diminishing. 2004 was the year the industry became pessimistic toward long running franchises that didn’t start on the Playstation (or made by Capcom).

If I’m being honest, 06 probably would’ve never met his kind of hatred had it been made prior to Shadow the Hedgehog. Unleashed DEFINITELY wouldn’t gain any animosity toward it had the situation been different. Sonic probably would not be in this situation… had it not been for Shadow the Hedgehog.

It’s always the nigga that makes everyone angry. Look at Obama and how all of a sudden, Americans are “waking up” to the bullshit of their government now.

Certainly, all of this could be blamed on Takashi Iizuka (hell, his name is literally all over this one), but it just so happens to be another case of “wanting to attract different audiences”. Now, considering Sonic’s status had yet to be diminished, we should ask the question “why in the flying FUCK would you need to attract anymore audiences to Sonic!? Everyone except Japan loves Sonic damn near! Due to Japan’s total lack of transparency, we will never know. But for the small bits we do, Iizuka figured that Shadow was just a much darker character and that his own personal game should be just as dark, by taking inspiration from 2 shitty gothic American films and…. Terminator. After all, he did make the character, so who would know him better than the almighty creator?

I don’t believe he had any idea what to do with Shadow considering his development cycle came from an internet poll where everyone wanted a Shadow game. Shadow was the most popular character in the Sonic series up until this game. His overall development and personality does seem suited for a game such as Shth. And considering the state of the industry still catering toward teenagers and games becoming darker and edgier (hell, Jak and Daxter went that route directly after the first game so to speak, and was praised regardless), the assumption that a darker Sonic game would go over well wasn’t too far of a stretch. The consumers welcomed darker and edgier versions of their favorites (most of the time). Look at the popularity of Twilight Princess in comparison to Skyward Sword. People were FUCKING HYPED for TP. The game’s overall darker tone was like a match made in heaven after getting away from the incredibly light-hearted Wind Waker. And Sonic fans weren’t at all known for their intolerance. People did not start hating the adventure games until the late 20o0’s period where they *cough* “realized” how shoddy the games are.

When it came to the Gamecube, most Sega fans were very VERY welcoming to many kinds of games. But cranky gamer syndrome was primarily found on the Playstation brand. You can find that most Sonic games are rated significantly lower on Playstation consoles than they were for Gamecube. The only subversions to this would be Generations as well as the new racing game with that fucking Wreck-it Ralph character where Disney is trying to convince the world that he’s a real video game character.

And it looks WORSE to play than Lode Runner!

Ahem… aside the point, Playstation fans happen to be the most vocal and the most vicious. And with the popularity of the Playstation brand (despite the failures of the PSP, PS3, and apparently the Vita), they are the ones developers pay the most attention to. And they are overcome with Cranky Gamer Syndrome. They are the primary dictators of quality in the industry. Afterall, if a game like Sonic 2 has shallow gameplay, certainly you can count on them to point it out. If the gameplay was “great”, issues like online lag would not set it back so far.

Again, Sega has to do improvements or innovations to the gameplay in order to garner praise. Sonic CD, perfect example. Instead of doing a straight port, they give you the ability to use Tails and gives you the option of using different music. Minimal as it was, this was enough to give the game some luke-warm reception. Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2 were straight ports, and you can guess the results. The only thing people would probably praise the old games for is the fact that you can replay them again in some vain attempt to criticize and protest the newer games. This is, for the most part, done on purpose. Many Sonic fans I have known on and offline don’t even bother going back to playing the first few games unless they’re re-released or have some new content in later releases. Why the fuck would you hand over money to a company for a copy of Sonic 1 to protest a brand new Sonic game, for example?

The overwhelming amount of praise the originals get nowadays is confused more so for being “some of the greatest games ever” in an out of control way of defying newer games. Even one tailored for Sonic fans. It’s not even an act of nostalgia. Most Sonic fans can’t be nostalgic if they have untold access to the original classics. There’s literally no where you cannot find copies of the Genesis trilogy in some form. The only console that doesn’t have this would be the Dreamcast.

Sega has shoved the damn genesis games up our asses so much, I’d be surprised if someone WASN’T getting sick of them by now. Frankly speaking, looking at reviews and the “stated intent” of purchasing the games shows that… yeah, people are getting tired of them being shoved in our faces. But the primary reason is because the fans continue to ask for them.

Lets be clear on something. Sega will never truly understand what the fans want. They’re Japanese. SOJ has very little understanding of what Sonic fans (majority being American) really want. And on the negative side, Sonic fans lack the ability to articulate what the hell they really want out of Sonic games. And the excessive demands from fans are probably sending them to the very depths of whatever hell exists.

Pressure from (American) fans have to be driving SOJ insane. And this isn’t exclusive to Sonic. It turns out, American fans of many franchises make a lot of Japanese developers cranky as fuck. For example, Katsuhiro Harada of Tekken fame got pissed off after the overwhelming complaints from fans over voice actors. VOICE ACTORS! Who did that sound like before 2010?

Excessive fan demand is most likely one of the main reasons Japanese developers are starting to cater their games more and more toward Japanese audiences.

*chuckles* But seriously, this sequence plays out like a typical shounen anime.

If the Sonic fanbase is this crazy, how do you expect the company to appease them? You can’t. Some fanbases have to be ignored. And unfortunately, Sonic fans are primary in this case. They’ve absorbed the Cranky Gamer Culture much faster than most Nintendo fans. And the “save Sonic” habits are an outgrowth of CGS. In technicality, Sonic fans want to save Sonic but are contributing to his demise more than not. You cannot save a franchise by shouting out what you want on the internet. It’s been proven to not work!American fans have also proven to be incredibly hyper-sensitive if 1 entry (or 2 in this case) does not meet their demands or proves to be a massive disappointment. After that, fans seem to be in a perpetual state of confusion. They’re caught in a dilemma. They feel that something in the series has to be fixed or saved, and will never again be satisfied with any entry that comes afterward. Take Pokemon for instance. After Ruby and Sapphire, most fans hold steadfast that Pokemon is an old drek. A series devoid of any future potential because the creators refuse to innovate because of money (no shit sherlock). When things do not move into the fan’s preferred direction after several entries (90% of the time), they start becoming clinically insane. They make more excessive demands than what the creators intend. So to maintain fan wank, if I may, then every entry has to be perfect. If one game “sucks”, that is it for future games in a series. Do not even bother trying to recoup your losses with them. That relationship is finished. Just look at the Robocop fanbase. Nothing that comes out will ever be perfect like the first film has. Fuck, Prime Directives was a decent series, but it just wasn’t “Alex Murphy”, you know? The fans will actively EXPECT to be disappointed.  If Sonic’s appeal were to ever be maintained, Shadow the Hedgehog had no business being created. Because now the fans are fractured beyond repair. After 2 bad entries, fuck it. Don’t even listen to the fans anymore because by then, their articulatory capabilities have been hindered. Look on forums and see how Sonic fans can go on listing ways to improve the games but not a single mother fucking post would go into actual detail. There’s no point in the feedback. Just accept that you have already been turned off from the franchise and move on. Stop fucking it up for everyone else, essentially.Sonic doesn’t belong in this era. A series with no appeal cannot compete against Cranky Gamer Syndrome. Why bother? So you can remove them from shelves because of cranky reviewers? The very moment Sonic was on the road to ruin was the very moment that Sega started listening to the fans. Remember, it was a fan poll that led to Shadow the Hedgehog. The fans anyone should listen to are the ones that don’t speak. The fans that liked 2D Mario NEVER spoke up. When Nintendo made NSMBW, it was a smash hit in comparison to SMG2 (which everyone wanted desperately for the sake of art). The fans that are usually silenced on the internet are a much bigger majority than game companies think. And they are more so the key. The trick is figuring out what those fans want.That’s right. The gamers that are shunned and vilified on the internet are the very people game companies should listen to. Hey, it worked for the Wii. Nintendo listens to the fans, makes the Wii U, it flatlines way too early. The quiet ones are the only benefit to Sega at this point.After all, Silence is Golden.