EA putting microtransactions in future games.

Of course, everyone hates EA, so I’m sure I won’t be getting shat on for this post. But I do believe EA is driving themselves further into their own grave.

I’ve heard of all the financial troubles (mostly their own fault) but FUCK! They’re turning into Ntreev.

For those that don’t know, Ntreev is the MMO localizer infamous for doing everything possible to get your money. If that means destroying their licensed MMOs. Look no further than Trickster and mother fucking Grand Chase if you needed an idea of how fucked up those games are.

Now, I haven’t been in the gaming loop to know what the flying sausage hell Dead Space 3 is but… “pay to win”!? That sounds exactly like Grand Chase. Because I could remember clearly all the cashers not giving a shit what dungeons threw at them. They would rape everything to crumbs without even thinking! If this is what goes on in Dead Space 3, then hell, EA might as well file for bankruptcy and get the fuck out of the industry before they piss everybody off.

The difference between Ntreev and EA is that Ntreev is very well known, and fans of their licensed games have a tendency to be the “gotta support the devs” group. You know, the pretentious “businesses have to make money, you selfish bastard!” people who would give BP the time of day needed to fuck the Earth up.

Drip, drip, drip!

So, Ntreev has a plethora of dumbasses who worship the religion of capitalism to the point that they are willing to get ripped off if it means the company makes money.

EA doesn’t have braindead morons….. unless they like football. Oh wait, you’ll have o pay to use new teams! Well fuck that fanbase!

EA has been getting a bad rep, and rightfully so! After the desecration of my precious Timesplitters Series, they can fuck right off!


Seriously, what the fuck is Future Perfect!? Reload animations, a try hard at humor storyline that makes no sense, pointless gore, crappy music, shitty multiplayer maps, COMPLETELY FUCKED UP THE MAP MAKER! And to top it off, the shit with these monkeys are not even funny, clever, or cute! It’s just obnoxious! Time Splitters 2 was the new GoldenEye 64, fuck this Future Perfect shit! And for that alone, EA gains my eternal scorn!

And to know that many share my thoughts about at least one developer warms my balls.

Now, the idea of microtransactions reminds me of how college works. You pay money for a “service”. They dictate that service to you, they have the ability to keep you paying for the service based on your performance, and when you’re finished with the service, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get what the service says it could provide you with. In this case, actual fun factor. I’m confident that alot of EA games are ones where players would shelve after at least a week’s worth of game time considering that SO MANY GAMES this generation alone have been some of the most lifeless experiences of all time. Just imagine a lifeless video game that actively sucks the life out of your pocket book?

$60 dollars for games, and paying extra to unlock more content (or win, apparently) is bullshit. I didn’t think it was possible, but gaming won’t be exclusive to “casuals” or “hardcores”. No, it’s going to be exclusive to rich people. And this is actually quite dangerous for fans of video games period. Video games started off as entertainment that anyone could jump right into. Hop in a car and head down to the arcade, that’s how it started out. But gradually over time, it’s now costing over $600 just to get the entertainment of sitting in front of your tv just to play one fucking video game that you won’t play after the first week or so. And with microtransactions, it’s just another means of bleeding people dry.

And you know that’s where the industry wants to go when people like Cliff Blesi…w/e defends microtransactions. Lets get something straight, cliffy. Had EA been the owner of a viable braincell, they wouldn’t have to resort to shit like this in the first place. Last I checked, in-game content of video games didn’t need to be payed for after the initial damn purchase. You had to NOT SUCK! And developers managed to get by with that practice for years until capitalistic greed settled in. You see any microtransactions going on in NSMBW!? Fuck no! And that game kicked the shit out of the 2009 holiday season! And not a single ounce of DLC needed to shred some cheese off that bitch.

Leave it to a cracka to sing the praises of capitalism. I don’t know where people get this idea that being tied to an “industry” or “business” gives people the excuse to find any fucking way imaginable to ass rape customers for every last cent available. The corporate ass-kissing needs to stop. For some… reason, people just want to justify what others do if they get money from it. Getting money from anything automatically equates to God’s love.  Therefore, it just HAS to be a holy practice. The ends justify the means. And with a fucked up economy, people will be even more religious toward the capitalistic mantra of “get money”.

Mo death, mo cheese!