So Castlevania Mirrors is gonna have combat based off of 2D Fighters now?

Naw, this is actually a good thing! Because I honestly didn’t think fighting games had quick time events!

First off, Cox talks about how difficult it was to have power and fluidity in combat.  So he decides to look toward Street Fighter… and Samurai Shodown. Neither of these games have fluid combat systems (unless he’s also been hypnotized by SF3’s graphics). If you want fluid combat, you would do well to look at DOA or Soul Calibur at least. Not fucking turtle fests. And considering how blatantly similar LOS’s combat system was to GOW (that even the fanboys can hardly deny), this cannot bode well for MOF.

If your combat system is gonna be based off of turtle fighters, why not just go back to the classic style instead wasting development time on shit I am sure will not even be present in the final game. It’s probably just going to make the combat into “hit and run” bullshit that we’ve seen in every god damn action game we’ve seen since Ninja Gaiden. The gameplay doesn’t even sound interesting if it’s going to be based off of slow fighting games. Or maybe he means pulling off special moves with retard commands because that’s honestly never been done before!


Cox is basically talking out of his ass again like he said about taking Castlevania back to it’s roots with LOS1. What he really means is “LOL having stages again”. With this game it means…. nothing, really.

The game actually looks like a proper Castlevania title, but I suppose it’s aesthetics are just to shut oldschool fans up and nothing more. But fighting games, that does not look like.