I remember reading a long time ago, the blog has unfortunately been deleted, I forgot the name of it, but w/e. This one guy had said something about Zelda: Twilight Princess being the crux of why video games are shit, and why he will never touch another video game ever again. Because to him, it felt like video games were trying… to make you into a machine. Initially, I never understood what he meant until I had played Donkey Kong Country Returns and even more Zelda games, and even the newer Metroids. To make… a man into a machine means you turn off a person’s ability to think. And instead… you turn a man into something you program.

Over the years, we’ve seen how humans go into life. It’s all just a program now. We all go through the motions. No one thinks anymore. No one possesses the ability to redefine shit anymore. We’re all simple minded. We need someone to tell us exactly how to do things in life, because we’ve got this mentality that… only one damn way works. Any other way is automatically wrong. Western Society (and probably Japanese society as well) is a linear thinking realm. It’s gotten so bad that we can’t function without being told what the correct process is of going about a damn thing. Women need to read a book on the process of dating a man the “correct” way!

We are animals that can’t… function without being told what to do. Because we’ve been led to believe that there is only one way to go about life. You heard all the bullshit about “you can be anything you want regardless of bloodline or education, as long as you have that ambition”, and then you come to find out you can’t be anything without the validation of education to prove you have ambition. So ultimately college (or the military) is your only option after high school. And even then, these crackas still won’t hire you if they’re broke and paranoid about losing money. If you don’t go to college, then Ra help you in deciding where to go next, because by then, your mind is so fucked up on this linear thinking, you don’t any other option besides military or school. Or a simple job that won’t do you any good in the future but to just be able to feed your family. So what happens is you go into a perpetual state of aimlessness. You don’t know where to go, you don’t know what to do.  Because you’ve been taught to go through the motions instead of using yo damn brain.

This is why video games were a “great escape” from the motions. See, you hear a lot of people talk about old mother fuckers always saying “well back in my day, video games were damned good”. Just like the guy talking about Twilight Princess. He had the same thought process. Now, lets see here. We go and find that Americans ain’t happy. Why would that be the case? You have an imperialistic nation, stolen resources, a cock-smashingly powerful military, and a culture of people who can go out and buy shit for half the prices people pay in other countries. Americans got everything. Yet, no one is happy. We all assume it’s because of the consumerist culture which tells us to put material things over human interaction. That’s part of it, but I have a theory. This linear thinking doesn’t allow people to go outside of the motions! We either have one way or nothing. You remember back in school how you got math problems where you have a multitude of ways to come to the same solution? And you know how the teacher says “show your work”? What work do you have to show them? Not the slick shit you done did. Naw, you have to go through the motions just to get full credit! You all may not have had to go through the bullshit I did, but I didn’t even get full 100% on my damn assignments because I didn’t do the problems the right way!

“But I got the right answer!”

“Damn the right answer, my method is more important than your shit”

Creative and innovative mindsets are not allowed in western society. Mainly cause if it was, you’d start thinking about why homosexuality is rampant in the media today. Then they got damn gay marriage shit passed, so soon enough we’re gonna be encouraging people to be faggots. I don’t give a rats ass, 2/5ths of a fuck what you say! That shit ain’t natural!

So back to the video games, video games break you out of those motions and allow you to tackle problems and obstacles in ways that you have full control over. You know Mega Man, right? Why do people love Mega Man? All the different methods and ways of ass whippin you have at your disposal! How do I kill cut man? Shoot him! Or get a brick and knock the HELL out of that bastard. All of the classic games can give you these methods of kicking ass and tackling obstacles, and you can go about them in any damn way you please.

Today’s games!? The majority of them, you’ll be lucky if you can escape needing to press a damn button at the right time, or kill a boss that requires you to do the same pattern multiple times.

Worst… goddamn offender of the entire cosmos.

What if I don’t want to do all this shit?

What’s been happening is that, because european devils have imposed their culture on the whole damn globe, video games are moving away from being a thinking man’s game… to a processing game. Because the population of the world have been trained… to think in a linear state of mind. So linearity requires a person to go about shit in a process. This is why people cannot think well anymore. We don’t have an open mind. It’s been locked down to only process. Or to put it like this maggot food put it

“They want a people who’s smart enough to operate the machines and a people who’s dumb enough to keep on doing it without sitting around the table and discussing how badly they’re getting fucked in their everyday lives”.

In a linear society, people cannot be in control of their own damn lives. They go through a system as a process. And that is why people are unhappy. And dammit, people are unhappy with video games as well. Otherwise, so many video game studios wouldn’t be closing down (LOL Junction Point).

We need video games that make yo ass think! That’s why no one likes video games anymore! They don’t give your brains an erection!

What do I mean by thinking and Processing? Well, I probably already described it, but for those that are slow and can’t seem to understand, lets break it down.

Video games are becoming a hobby of processing! What is a process? A systematic series/sequence of actions  directed to some end. The end being the desired result of the process. Sequence being the ordered list of events. The events, in relation to video games, is a happening or a performance.

When you are in a performance, you are literally going through the motions. You have to practice this one motion over and over and over until you get it just right. So that you can perform and put on a show. So with that, the process is just a performance that you just have to do. It’s a one way streak in which you are expected to perform on a certain level. What does this remind me of?

This bull shit!

All that game is about… is process. You go through one event after the other! This series began as the foundation of freedom to explore! Metroid 1 was a game that gave you total freedom in how you complete the game! After about 25 years, THIS SHIT IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER NOW!? I wouldn’t even piss on Sakamoto if he was on fire to save his life. You can count that “scripted nonsense” of Donkey Kong Country Returns as well, especially those goddamn rail carts and barrel stages.

As it turns out, several video games that are developed today all have the intent of making you go through a process. And most of the time, it’s just the developers wanting you to experience their own damn vision and creativity! They couldn’t give a fuck about what you want! I’m sure everyone is tired of those goddamn quick time events by now! Every developer in existence co-opted that bullshit to the point of absurdity! You can’t escape.

What about thinking? It’s to employ one’s mind rationally and objectively in evaluating or dealing with a given situation.

You see, rationality and objectivity are 2 essential mother fucking elements that hardcore gamers, and especially nintards, are entirely deficient in! They all have a linear process that denies objectivity and rationality! The capacity for logical, rational, and analytic thought have been completely removed in favor of animalistic gluttony! This is why the hardcore gamers go out and buy a million games they do not plan on playing more than once. Blockbuster was a wonderful thing back in the day because of this fact. There is no logical reason to buy games that will eventually be shelved or traded in for credit for another game that will meet the same damn fate.

Thinking. It’s your ability to reason. To make a cognitive judgment of situations. You assess a situation or obstacle in a game and decide the best way to go about that shit. You experiment with different options and methods in tackling obstacles. EXPERIMENTATION IS SCIENCE! Science allowed for breakthroughs in a whole lotta shit you see! That comes from THINKING! If you have a society of people that is programmed to do process and not think, there are no advancements in anything! You lack the deductive reasoning necessary to solve problems! This is why you see Satoru Iwata on that damn business briefing going on in my last post. He states the main reason behind poor Wii U sales… is that you are fucked up to not know why it’s awesome! And he says this a million times! He lacks the ability to reason. To think! He cannot find an alternative solution to solving the problem of poor Wii U sales. But at this point, it’s too late. Game developers just go through the process of developing games. But they don’t THINK about what’s good for the customers! “Will people actually enjoy going through a desert oasis 3 times for a bunch of random, nonsensical events that have nothing to with completing a goal within the game?” “Would this person enjoy going through a lengthy game, then being told that he has to go back to the very beginning to pick up some random shit just to progress? Will this person enjoy hunting for all these triforce pieces at the end of the game?” If a game developer does not think or consider the customer satisfaction strategies necessary to make a game fun, enjoyable, and deficient in frustration while giving an increase in addicting gameplay as well as the ability to make the players think, then I don’t give a damn what pretentious interviews, documentaries, or inside looks of how you make the damn shit! IT HAS FAILED ME AS A VIDEO GAME, AND YOU HAVE FAILED YOUR CUSTOMERS AS A VIDEO GAME DEVELOPER!

You ever “THINK” about why they do these interviews, documentaries, and “how they made the game” gigs (you know, where they high five everyone, say everyone did a great job making that shit)? It’s more than likely there to engender some form of SYMPATHY from the viewers! That way, even if you hate the game or the movie, you can…… APPRECIATE the “hard fucking work” that went into the final product!

Notice I bolded the word appreciate. Why would I do that? Think!

It’s because several gamers, especially those god damn nintards, use this buzzword to deter and negate negative criticism from other gamers. See how these developers…. PROGRAMMED… the fucking fans?








THINK! It ain’t illegal yet!