Barrack Hussein, the long legged mack daddy Obomber. Look at this smug ass puppet in the vagina office!

Ya’ll niggas mind telling me what the FUCK this shit is about!?

I’ve been looking into the state of politics for the last 2 years now, and I can tell you everything that happens is a smoke screen for an agenda. Currently, this jack ass is actually pushing for gun control, which is more than enough to set off the entire nation in time for Martial Law. However, this dipshit is actually offering the CDC a whopping 500 million (10 million, I know but 500 gets the point across to how fucking insane this asshole is) to research how violent video games affect people!?

I’ve already talked about how media in general can influence people, and my stance hasn’t changed. Main reason is because for some fucked up reason, the government is specifically targeting video games as a result of the shooting.  Of course, Hollywood won’t get shit on this because most of the actors are promoting gun control despite making millions off of violent films. Not to mention the gov has a nice little hand in controlling the media (Movies and Television in general). When you look at the big picture, the government doesn’t have major control over video games (or the internet considering the millions of internet bills they were trying to pass last year alone. SOPA CISPA FISA and an executive order even.) so this is more than likely a method to take control of it. Have video games be used as more tools of propaganda. Who knows?

You know why I’m bothered by all of this? The Rockefellers have a hand in this. They already tried to pass a bill…. and failed. But they are trying to ram it up the arse again. The Rockefeller foundation is one that isn’t to be trusted with anything they get their hands on. If they’re trying get legislation passed for video games, you are going to hate the future of gaming if they ever succeed. I can guarantee that.

Geez, 500 million. The CDC gets money for no reason. But what’s really fucked up is that they might link violent video games to some estranged mental illness they’ll make up just to justify possible curfews on video games, or people who play video games will soon be stigmatized and stereotyped as retarded people (the internet communities don’t help one bit with that classification). So an english otaku label might not be far off. Gamers would be looked at as potential killers and psychopaths who are being trained to kill and…. oh wait that IS happening, isn’t it!?

2013 might be the year that being a gamer will soon be exclusive to just privacy matters like porn. All alone, huddled around your Play Stations just to play God of War without being stalked. It’ll be very sad, too. Video games used to be a family thing. We would all get together and take turns trying to beat that damn 4-4 castle from Super Mario Brothers. But that game would encourage an entire family to start going on killing sprees at the local zoo’s reptile cage. Contra might inspire 2 coop lovers to go in the street killing illegal aliens. Actually, they might be thought of as heroes.

And Sonic? “Gotta keep juicin!”. Oh man, the black market for drugs would be very lucrative once the economy goes bust thanks to a blue hedgehog. Or Mario with fire flowers being a metaphor for weed smoking, and Miyamoto would have an excuse not to make GOOD Mario games anymore and focus on shitty gimmicks.

This NEEDS to be banned.

Welcome, gamers, to the world of politics. If you thought developers were good with bullshitting people, you haven’t met Barrack Insane, the long legged mack daddy Obomber. He can bullshit anyone and no one can detect it! How is it possible that white folks are trusting him, vindictive as they is!? It must be his mulatto-ness. OoO