Guaranteed to play…. on nothing.

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Well gang, Sony has decided to do a little ethnic cleansing on their fanboys this year by patenting a technology that can actually block used games. I guess those assholes who made Heavy Rain will literally “shower them with praise” if you will.

If they’re gonna patent it, then it’s actually good news for those that don’t like Sony consoles. Good news in that they have a lawsuit case against Microsoft and Nintendo if they pulled this shit. IE Microsoft and Nintendo fans may not feel the wrath of not getting games at prices they should be at. On the other hand, since most 3rd party developers are complete idiots, they may all just sign over with Sony exclusively, if their behavior with DLC is anything to go by.

The problem with this impulsive action is that they want us to buy games full price during a RECESSION! People are going to be more concerned about putting food on the table than wasting money on a declining brand of entertainment. Games have been getting WORSE over the course of 20 fucking years, but they want more money. You want to justify your high ass prices? Instead of thinking because you had a high budget to blow on superficial graphics, how about making the games fucking awesome!? These developers haven’t made fucking awesome games since the early 90s.

Instead of making fucking awesome games, they decide to play yugioh and rip off everything they can get their hands on.



You cannot hope to win!

That’s all these bastards have been doing with video games this entire generation. Copy off the last game until nothing is special about it anymore. If people want to play Call of Duty, then they will. They don’t want no “me to!” FPS simulation of the last “big hit game” out there. This is why people eventually stop buying games new, because developers won’t stop copying everything! Just because one guy got rich off of something doesn’t mean you can get rich off of it too. It’s only if you make it unique or of higher quality will it get you any money.  People aren’t going to rush out and buy more of the same shit unless it’s got the same name. You have to understand the nature of the game itself instead of the nature of the success. They see success, they just rehash the game. But if they saw the game itself, they could understand it’s inner-workings and actually improve it’s concept. This rarely happens because no one wants to understand the games but rather the success. This is why we got shit for the Wii in the form of “party games” and not the real shit that people wanted. If I wanted to convince you why you should buy my game instead of the competition (and I did take the concept), I would have to give you a reason why it’s better. If you can get the same shit out of my game that you can already get out of someone else’s, you’re not gonna give me your money for it. But if I had something better or “cooler”, then you’d be swayed.


Me: Oh yeah? You’ll love this game then!

Me: I made one better!

Gamer: How is that better? VF5 is one of the most technical fighting games out there! It’s realistic and deep! Has a balanced roster of characters too. No other fighter can come close to VF5’s balance!

Gamer: But my game allows you to knock people off buildings, has faster fighting gameplay, more painful, bone breaking moves, and best of all, bitches who fight as playboy bunnies!

You: SOLD!

But no developer bothers to try something different. Trying something different is “risky”. And our economy makes them “risk averse. So they leech off of other companies and their successes.

Sony is a piece of shit for even considering this. How bold to dictate we can’t trade in used products. I have not heard of any other industry that tries to prevent you from selling a used item. Even hollywood doesn’t give a fuck if you give someone a used DVD. They made their money off of it.

I guess Sony is in a big rut. They’ve got their own devs that have a problem with second hand sales, and they can’t risk having those devs run off to Microsoft and give them more money. So Sony has to step in to become the industry’s lap dog and savior once more. Lest they feel the fucking fury that Nintendo and Sega faced before.

The future of used games seem really bleak at this point. While a patent is by no means a confirmation, the fact of the matter is… the industry machine is declaring war on the consumers. And they don’t even acknowledge their own stupidity in encouraging this environment.