I didn’t think your starters could look any more atrocious than Gen 4’s.

/\ Clicky!
Isn’t it a little early for Gen 6? Gen 5 has loads of untapped potential and an incredibly pointless sequel with crappier character designs and no real pokemon additions besides 2 shitty forms and a shallower storyline.

Something tells me the 3DS is doing poorly if they’re rushing out a new generation series of Pokemon games, especially considering the version names are no longer based on color schemes and on something generic like… “letters”. X and Y? WOW! Well, it’s better than “Diamond and Pearl” But we couldn’t get an Amber, Jade, Cobalt or Crimson scheme? I couldn’t care less about reused colors under different names, that’s what made the series unique before being co-opted by Inafune, Hudson, etc. But apparently the letters refer to the shapes of legendaries.

They look…

…like shit.

Gen 4 and 5 had a LOT of time to work on their newer generations before the deadlines come, this is faaar too soon at this point, especially seeing as the 3DS is probably a bitch to design for.

And to top it all off, the new region is based off of France. No wonder these designs reek of gay.

The 3DS is probably getting it’s ass kicked if they’re rushing the fucking pokemon games. That is practically Nintendo’s last bastion of dignity left. They had BETTER not fuck this up.