When it comes to the human mind, one thing is always evident. The ego dominates all rationale in the world. The ego is the deeply ingrained, compulsive need to remain separate and superior at all times, in all places, under all circumstances. Regardless of opposition and most of all, the truth, the ego is the force that drives people to stagnate. It is the one true devil in the world. It fights each and every day to help you remain in the state of complacency. It fights all attempts at gaining knowledge you may not like. Fights improvement you may not want. It does not want you  evolve. The Ego exists to remain superior to all. So when that ego is threatened, a blind rage follows.

Yes. I’m guilty of this. As are you. And ur mum. We all have this… urge to fight nature. We just hate it. How it just goes on ruining our days with rain or snow. It interferes with our lives. As a child, we say “it’s supposed to be a sunny day where I play with my friends! Why did it have to rain!?”. Without rain, crops cannot grow efficiently. But as a child, we don’t understand nor care. It gets in the way of what we want to do. Snow? “But I have things to do, place to go, women to fuck!”. But snow means a break from work or school, meaning a time of rest or play. You can’t work all the time less you tire yourself out. …Hmm… not sure that analogy works.

The point is we fight with everything that is outside of ourselves, because we have this perception that everything outside should be like everything within. So we end up with a generation of people that are always depressed because we’ve been brought up on a society that tells us “we should have this and that”. We’re told the world is our kingdom, and we should control our lives. Nature won’t allow us to control anything. Because Nature knows we would try to remake the world in our image if given the chance. And we would do more harm than good. Because we’re so caught up in what we like, we disregard what is good for the world. So why would our remaking benefit the world?

It’s not surprising that gamers have this same exact mentality. The nature they do not like to deal with is… an opinion. But more so ones they don’t relate to.

You see, when you are attached to something, you graft that something onto your soul as an imprint. That attachment is now a part of you. You know how some couples might say their souls are joined? An object has no soul, but we imagine it does, so we give it a fake soul and join it with our own. I know it doesn’t make sense, but bare with me.

So, lets say someone says a game like Shadow of the Colossus is a steaming pile of cow dung. You like this game. As such, you’ve made this game a part of your soul. But this random nobody comes in and blows the game off as if it’s nothing. Your soul is hurt. Crushed even that someone doesn’t like your game. As such, since the game is a part of your soul, this person has just insulted you! Amma help you if this person has high profile credentials. Then you’re really gonna be fucked in the head!

Suddenly, your ego is activated. It’s telling you this person is absolutely wrong in his judgment. Why, Shadow of the Colossus is a fantastic game that shows that gaming is art! How dare HE declare otherwise!?

“The game is perfect! How could he say it isn’t so!?”

Worst-case scenario. He actually lists reasons.

1. It’s a full blown boss rush mode.

2. You have an empty overworld of nothingness where you just go around looking for monsters to kill

3. graphics are dull and gray

4. Bad controls

5. tedious and repetitive combat


You debate with the person several times, but he always has a counterpoint to your defenses. Your psychosis begins to weaken at the mere thought of his superiority.

Suddenly, you are so enraged at the mere arguments he places up…. and you begin to focus on him.

“The game isn’t bad! It’s just you! Maybe you hate it because you suck at it! You don’t know how to hold on to the Colossi as they try to shake you off! That’s why you say the combat is tedious! Because you can’t win at them!”

We’ve all been there at some point. We couldn’t handle the views of another not matching our own. So we go on the defensive and attack the person. Inside, we scream. “Why can’t you be like me!?”

The ego is a gamer’s greatest ally, and their achilles heel. We do not take kindly to our souls being ripped to shreds by another. Thanks to society, our souls have been damaged enough. With the media portraying us as losers and anti-social rejects, our egos told us to find shelter on the world-wide web. This was a world in which one could find solitude and tranquility. But faced with the crippling fact that now your own world is shattered due to your own hide-away not being safe from a differing opinion? Why… it’s a mad world!

This is why it is usually best for newcomers to gamer to stay off the internet. It will always ruin your experience with video games. Why? If you have a gripe about any video game, it doesn’t matter if it’s a puzzle game, a platformer, or even a Japanese porn game, you will be torn to shreds by the sheer egos of the gamer elite.