I’m going to admit one thing now. Even though I currently hate Capcom for everything they destroyed with the Resident Evil series… and Street Fighter, ditching Dark Stalkers for everything BUT mere cameos, and reducing their retro revivals into nothing more than mere cash-ins to sucker in the capcom fanboys of every last cent, I still love goddamn Mega Man games. The ZX titles on DS, grade A awesome despite Inafuckoffs apparent hate of Mega Man. Apparently when it came to the remakes on PSP, Inafune left his bias at home when developing them. As such, they’re much better games than previous titles that have come out. So… if you could only choose one, which could you choose? Depends. Do you like Classic Mega Man with it’s outdated dissappearing block act? Do you like having a viable chance at beating ridiculously fast bosses?.

It’s time for a Showdown! Rock vs X on the BSP!

NOTE: For the sake of comparing different games (and slight laziness on my part), I will be using different criteria for each and every game viewed in these impact posts) For example, the box art for both of these games aren’t very different…. or good. So I won’t be counting them.

1. Presentation!



Mega Man Powered Up


Maverick Hunter X

Color me biased, but when I look at Rock‘s intro, I can’t help but feel limp just watching it. It starts off by showing you the original Cut Man stage from the NES. Then zooms in and shows a chibi Rock saying “lets go!” with one of those cheap voices that sounds like it belongs on one of those shitty “pocket monster battle” shows that CN thinks are profitable because of Pokemon. It shows a few shots of gameplay to distinguish the remake from the original game, as well as the new Time Man stage. At least Rock had the decency to show how the game will actually play. Then it ends off with Rock falling to his death and saying “must continue!” WHACK! Something tells me that was fanservice to have fans reminisce about their first time playing Guts Man’s stage and failing on those damned conveyor belts. What kind of shit is that!? You’re supposed to be showing me how AWESOME the character is by bypassing all that shit! Not showing me his vulnerability. You know how if you leave a game on for a while at the “Press Start” screen, they start showing demo plays in which the “invisible player” starts kicking whole sale ass on everything they’re facing off with? That actually motivated players to get better, because I know playing hard ass games back then seeing the “ghost”do a better job than me would always get me amped to do better. The best motivation is to show someone 1upping you when you know you’re supposed to be the one kicking ass! Instead, we get an intro that thinks it’s funny by having the Ghost die just to make you feel less like shit for not being able to pass one obstacle. You know what that reminds me of?

Did ANTHING good come from this crap legislation?

Funny. That’s like every game made these past few generations!

Now, X doesn’t show you anything except an anime intro which is basically a giant spoiler for the game’s unlockable movie “The Day of E”. Whatever the hell E stands for. Or maybe it’s a symbol for “Sigma” that Capcom thought would be “clever”. Even then, it’s at least better than the piss ass intro on Phantasy Star Zero. Good music overall, doesn’t feel like a saturday morning cartoon (more like one of those late night animes that US networks stopped showing due to low ratings). But it pulls your ass in. Makes you say “hmm, what is this game on about?”. Is it generic? Yes. Can you probably determine the plot just by the spoilage of the intro alone. But you still want to see the how, the why, and the what. Plus, th lack of Zero whoring makes this  intro 20x better than what we could’ve gotten. But man, X really looks like he can’t get his shit together unless Zero touches him.  I swear, they need some time apart. Get Iris back PRONTO!



Rock‘s universe is quite shallow and predictable. Rock is an ordinary assistant robot who finds out 8 of Dr. Light’s other assistant robots were stolen and reprogrammed to take over the world! In response, Rock immediately decides he wants to be converted into a SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT and kick Wily’s lily ass all over the place. It’s a simple plot that doesn’t do anything to complicate the Rock universe, but it actually changes slightly depending on your actions, characters, and difficulty levels. But it’s very bare bones.

Interestingly, the Robot Masters now have a personality so that it doesn’t feel like you’re just killing nameless nobodies anymore.

Eh… he’s pretty damned annoying in this game. Essentially, he considers everyone his brother and seems to hate fighting. So what does he do? He fights to convert you to the side of good. I like his quote “Cuttin it up!” though. It’s funny and ironic at the same time.

Take a guess as to his personality. Big, Strong, could we be talking a Meat Head? At least he had the decency to tell kids to gtfo  of a dangerous construction site.

“I had some BIG boom booms the other day!” Am I the only one who a bad visual for that quote alone? Otherwise, at least Capcom bothered to make him memorable this time around.

Wow! I always thought of him as a smug bastard back in the first game and NT. Thanks for confirming it for me.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Are they trying to reference the Cold War with Ice Man!? He’s apparently a “soldier”. Yeah, but he doesn’t like the usage of bombs. Riiiiight. What kind of Soldier doesn;t like to use explosives? It doesn’t help that he looks like a bug eyed Ice Climber this time around. Ironically, he’s one of the my favorite characters to use in this game.

FLAMES OF JUSTICE! Thank you Capcom for ruining one of my favorite Robot Masters by turning him into a pyromatic version of Kim Kaphwan from Fatal Fury.

So he’s a more angry version of Elec Man? Yeah, that silly ass design just doesn’t work for me.

X universe is in the post apocalyptic world… set up. Set 100 years after Rock, X is an ancient android created to be a savior of the world (even though the original game had something much better than this going for X). The story gets a major expansion in the way of 2 different and detailed plots as well as an unlockable movie that serves as a prequel for the events that set up to the game you play.  Sigma starts a rebellion and it’s up to X (and Zero, where ever the fuck he is) to stop him. It’s not anymore complex than that, but you get a feeling that the stakes are that much higher considering the calibur of the main villain is much bigger than Wily. If anything, story was much more important for the X series than Rock. Unfortunately, it becomes the main reason one plays the game. And unfortunately, Sigma’s motives for starting a rebellion… are stupid. So you’re gonna turn your back on everything you stood for in the world just to see X go through puberty? Fuck all the retorts about nostalgia, but in the original, Sigma turned Maverick via a virus and went insane. Designed to be the premier reploid with all the advanced capabilities ever made, he was a force to be reckoned with, and unfortunately, he had to be put down. But no. Lets just turn him into a plain old dick who likes to troll bitches in the future. Can anyone even begin to defend this piss ass decision with the storyline!

Well, he seemed pretty decent in the movie, but he turns out to be quite the asshole we all know him as. His voice cracks like hell. What is with people thinking all Bird-like characters have to have squawk-like voices!?

That’s better. Also appearing in the movie, Storm Eagle doesn’t change his personality by much. He remains loyal to Sigma even though he has no goddamned clue as to why they rebelled. He just up and says “I have to fight X”. Eh, I never liked Storm Eagle anyways.

Hardly remember him beyond his ugly ass face and tendency to get frozen before he could throw a single punch. 😛

I should’ve expected nothing less than a big dumb robot who thinks tiny people are wimps and expects to “crush em all”.

Vile was right. This guy is nothing more than a tool. Can anyone justify why his armor looks like a cheese cake topped off with strawberries!?

One of the most asshole bosses I’ve ever fought…. thinks he’s an artist now? Great. First off, he’s an ugly looking boss that doesn’t even look “cultured” or “artistic”. His personality of thinking he makes a work of beauty… UGH! What the fuck is with Capcom giving characters personalities that DO NOT fit their designs!? That’s basic design 101!

…….Boring “wise guy” type of person. Does anyone know what the hell a Kuwanger is yet?

……WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY DO TO STING CHAMELEON!? This has to be the WORST characterization I’ve ever seen from one of my favorite Mavericks! I was expecting something similar to this!


Dammit Inafune! Fuck it! You suck! You smell! You reek! You’re stinkin up my Mega man fanboyishness!

Not to mention the tip of his tongue looks like shit! Why would his best melee weapon not be something that can sting you!? What happened to his razor sharp tongue!? Is his name NOT Sting Chameleon!? No, lets just bash someone over the head with some stupid fruit roll-up because the USA has become pussified of villains that can be considered a severe threat to one’s own safety! And lets not even make him a threat by turning him into one of those fruity ass villains you see on crap like One-piece. At least he’s still difficult to fight against! That much sense he still has preserved.

Overall though, presentation wise, X is a lot more attractive in it;s overall…. can’t find the word. Rock barely tries to get you interested in his game. It’s a shame. They had the opportunity, seeing as they paid more attention to story in video games. No, it doesn’t even move beyond it’s basic plot. As such, X will draw more people into it’s world.



I can’t really say either one is better than the other. Both Rock and X have qualities and vices in both respects.

Rock’s gameplay is more about precision and timing as you avoid traps and blast enemies while X is more about rushing through stages and fucking shit up. So for the 2 remakes… yeah, tough call. Both games work well for what they do and present an equal amount of fun in both level design and combat. Though I might have to lean more toward X considering just how damned versatile both playable characters are. Even though Rock sports over 11 characters, most of them don’t really play very well in comparison to X and Vile. But the mere fact that you have that many characters adds a big ass layer of replay value. Who da thunk it!? You can actually play the Robot Masters for a change! How fucking amazing is that!? Better yet, you don’t even need to use up weapon energy, just go in with your favorite robot masters and use up all your weapons to our hearts content!

And most people would probably be saying “Who the fuck is Vile!?” Vile is currently considered to be the most powerful Mega Man character to date, with several weapons and explosives that will literally rape an entire stage. The main issues I have against him is the severe limitations Capcom placed on him. First off, all of his weapons are a tad difficult to keep track of or remember because they all have shitty names like “Pop Corn”. if you don’t have something called “Distance Needler” equipped, don’t even bother playing the game, because most of his weapons are shit, has poor recovery time for his sub-Cannon/Bomb attacks (unless you jump a lot), and worst off? He can’t even use his full arsenal until you complete his game! You see, Capcom decided to invoke some RPG shit into this game by giving him some weapon cost. Before each stage you have to prep Vile up Custom Robo Style. You give him a gun, a cannon, and a bomb. But these weapons come at a cost. You can’t use a weapon that costs up to 16 at the start of the game! You know what sucks even more!? Some weapons you won’t even know are a weakness to a certain boss until you read it up on a guide. And then you realize that you can’t even USE IT YET!

Inafune: I can’t stop pressing this button! It’s… so… wonderful!

So you have a character wiit ALL the fire power in the world… and you’re just gonna handicap him!? Not to mention everything he uses has rechargable weapon energy as well. Ok, now you want to limit someone’s ass kicking potential by putting in some bullshit RPG limitations.

Ok, I change my mind. I lean more toward Rock in this department! Having crap powers beats having awesome shit and not being allowed to use it!


Verdict: Rock

Let me be realistic. When it comes to replay value, one extra character and a crappy movie isn’t going to cut it. Yes, crappy movie. If I wanted the origins of the Maverick rebellion to be a boring drek where they did every thing just to unlock X’s hidden potential (and seal Sigma’s fate of gettin his ass whooped 7 times in a row) then color me not impressed. Don’t give me that “they wanted reploids to evolve” bullshit either. It’s a stupid plan. Wily’s is simple anyone. I’m gonna jack yo shit and take over the world!

So lets see, in X, we get the main game, the ability to play Vile, updates like keeping the Hadouken after gaining it (and it 1-shotting bosses gave an incentive to do perfect no-hit runs) and a shitty movie?

What does Rock have to offer?

Oh I don’t know. Several playable characters including robot masters and cat-girl Roll.

You can tune a piano….

Several difficulty levels for both beginners and veterans alike, meaning anyone can enjoy this game, FREE DLC (and for something as shitty as the PSP, that’s not a bad deal) challenge mode levels for… when you’re bored. But also the ability to make your own custom levels and share them with other people around teh globe. That’s Kontent with a K. While some of the Robot Masters are absolute shit (I’m looking at you black… er… Oil Man), the rest are absolute monsters in that they obliterate everything in their path. The only issues I take pisses with is the music. Rock is just… fucking… awful. These songs used to make one hum all day. But when you listen to Cut Man’s theme…. EWWWWWWWWW!

X at least knows how to make beast ass music. Boomer Kuwanger theme is the most amazing remix ever.

Compare, my audience of 3.

GUTS MAN Complete Works edition

Guts Man Complete Shit edition

Now, lets look at X

Boomer Kuwanger Original

Sexy ass remix edition

I think it’s clear that Capcom did not want Rock to sell more than X. And how could they with that “SD” art style they’ve got going on!? It’s a shame too seeing how it has more content to last people longer than X does. Sorry Crapcom, but until you can beat Huepow, Mega Man will be seen as a super fighting robot, always. Not as a cute little kid.

The cutest mother fucker you will ever know.

Overall though, both games have their strengths and weaknesses, but both are incredibly enjoyable titles in their own right. I suppose it’s difficult to choose between both. I’m biased toward X, but Rock is clearly the superior title given it’s content and none restrictive gameplay elements. Yes, the Slide has been nerfed for no fucking reason other than to appease Inafune’s ego, but at least in the general sense Rock is still the better of the 2. Though when it comes to music and overall appeal, X wins in that department as he won’t alienate the fuck out of a market with some chibi bullshit no one wants, has better music and a better overall universe.

Rock has gameplay, X has appeal. What to choose, what to choose.