The Connecticut School shooting is probably one of the most vile events of this year.  Not because it’s bizarre or gruesome, but because children were murdered. While I see it as ironic considering the amount of children our government has murdered for the past decade in search weapons and terrorists that don’t exist, it’s none the less tragic. And I await your angry comments showing your profound (nut-riding) nationalism as you explain just how worse every other nation is when it comes to shit like this.

Regardless of the logic, or lack of connections between the 2, people are already blaming video games. Video games have a nice little stigma against them in general ever since Mortal Kombat graced us with blood and gore, but more and more, it is mostly responsible for why “lawlyers” have been using them as scape goats. While the rest of America is stocking up on guns and bullets as lawmakers get ready to jam their gun control laws up everyone’s arses, gamers are raging on the internet about another shooting being blamed on their precious pasttime. The arguments can usually be narrowed down to this.

“People are just stupid! Video games have nothing to do with this!” or “He was just a nutcase!” or “Jack Thompson is a retard!”

The problem with these general sentiments is that they’re based on ignorance and arrogance of how the media can actually affect us. Not to mention the fact that everyone likes to use the “he’s not one of us!” argument when one of their own does some stupid shit like this. White people did this with the theater shooting as well as the temple shooting by suggesting these were “isolated incidents” instead of following up on their “homegrown terrorism” hype. This school shooting is being blamed on a mental illness called “autism”. Boy, do I fear  for Satoshi Tajiri’s life right now.

On topic, the media. For some reason, no matter what, people will always deny that tv, movies, comics, and video games actually mold their view of reality in more ways than one. They assume that because they know it’s on tv and can’t possibly be true, that there is never a real correlation to events occurring in the real world. This ignoring that teens committed crimes and admitted GTA had something to do with it.

“So what? Those were just stupid kids!”

Did you know that shooting at barrels filled with gasoline won’t actually blow them up?


Then sit down!

When you watch any show or play any game with a black guy in it, what do you usually get?

They’re loud, obnoxious, fowl mouthed, and unusually violent and aggressive.

This is all you think you know about us.

The news broadcasts don’t help as they show crimes committed by us in the most disproportionate manner. I’ve actually watched 1 report being played twice. There was a 3 month gap between when I saw this report. What happens next? I don’t trust the news.

Ladies, watching Tyler Perry’s bullshit, how many of you want Christian men that are usually of the lighter shades?

A silencer on a pistol is still loud as fuck.

Did you know that Fast and Furious contributed to an increase in street racing?

You know those Japanese panty vending machines that everyone raves about thanks to the Boondocks? Yeah, those are illegal.

How many of you watch the news but don’t know a damn thing about the National Defense Authorization act of 2012?

We should all know that beautiful celebrities bombarding our subconscious can cause extreme body image issues. Six packs and big tits make us feel unworthy.

Because here’s the reality. When you are shown/told something everytime and everywhere you go, you believe it to be real. The media can tell us anything and we accept it as fact. We’re less likely to believe our friends or family (hell, most people think their parents are STILL stupid), but let a news caster tell you that crime has shot through the roof and you will cower in fear. Welcome to Mean world syndrome bitch.

And believe it or not, constant violent video game playing can (and WILL) lead to a desensitization to violence in general. There’s this video on World Star Hip Hop about the horrors of the Syrian conflict. That’s some nasty shit. They actually showed a man’s head blown off! I showed it to some of my coworkers…. and they took it in stride.

“Damn, that’s fucked up!”

“Mmm, mmm, mmm”.

“That’s just messed up”

These are some tame ass comments. No one was sickened, disturbed, or anything. No “clean up on isle 4!” due to vomiting. They thought it was common place by then. Hell, just look at the comments on the video if it’s still up. People are just talking shit. No one is affected by the video at all. We are shown actual evidence of just how destructive a war can be, and we think “oh well, hope it doesn’t happen over here”. Of course, what else can you expect from people who play the shit out of Modern Warfare? You hear about them playing it all… the damn… time. Is it any wonder they don’t seem affected by the video?

But LIZA! The world has already gone mad!

In no way am I implying this event had any connection to video games, but for fuck’s sake people! Your personal feelings are not facts of the matter. The media DOES have an affect on our subconscious whether you suspect it or not. Because lets be honest. When you walk out of a Martial Arts flick, you honestly believe people can do that shit in real life and actually be a practical defense against a gun. Fuck, how many of you believe that it’s better to do interracial than to go for your own kind?

I used to find her attractive before this damn movie.

I was rooting for Nick Fury!

Every damn movie, she’s with a cracka! Nick Cannon don’t count!

You know this guy?

He’s married to this woman

And produced this mofo in God Eater. That’s right, even the Japanese think interracial is better.

Really, when we see this shit in the media, in any form, doesn’t matter what it is, we instantly cannot separate it from reality. Mainly because we’ve had no real experience with anything that we see on tv or video games, and thus, cannot bring ourselves to see that it is… just a game. You’ve never been in a real war, how can you separate Iraq from Call of Duty? You’ve never used a real fire arm, how do you know how to reload it? You’ve never honestly car-jacked someone, how do you understand the real consequences of a Grand Theft Auto? And don’t tell me about the game’s morality systems, you really need to be in the shit.

Our perception, opinions, and overall personality is influenced by external forces beyond our control. We don’t just pop out of the womb and want to automatically pick up a B.B. gun and shoot somebody. Or think you have to be a certain skin color to be beautiful. Our arrogance in denying the media had any influence on us in any manner is our own downfall. And your ego won’t let you accept that. Why? Because you love video games. Just imagine your favorite hobby being outlawed due to the very logical perception that they might lead to violence? We give Jack Thompson all this shit because we’re immature dipshits who can’t handle the possibility that our violent games may just lead up to this shit. We fight any and all attempts to alter what we like and refuse to see an alternative viewpoint on the matter. That’s what we do. We feel threatened so we become hostile to everyone that wants to take our video games away.

The attitude about “video games not causing violence” is essentially just people not wanting to give up their pasttime for the sake of people. That’s understandable, though. No one wants to give up their guns just because of this “one asshole” deciding to go on a killing spree. But we all have to realize something. The things we love to do affects more people than you. You ever seen that show “hoarders”? Same thing. People don’t want to give up their things, they destroy their relationships. But again, I’m not advocating the banning of guns or games, but dammit, learn some empathy. Try to understand how other people feel on this matter. And realize that video games CAN influence your behavior.

No one in Vegas spouts out catch phrases like “Today’s history, Tomorrow’s a Mystery” either.

We’ve never honestly outgrown our desire to fly like Superman.

EDIT: Well, I guess you can’t compare gun owners with gamers. Turns out, the NRA is actually blaming video games for what happened in Sandy Hook Elementary as well. The irony is astounding. Both parties have something to lose, so I guess one party is suggesting “EVERYMAN FOR HIMSELF!”

Well that presents an even bigger problem for gamers, and that is “necessity”. People across the country sing the notion that we need guns for protection. While legitimate, they ignore the consequences of owning guns as well (possible break in where gun can be used against them, stupid people with kids, accidents, etc.). But then… why do we need video games? They’re just “junk entertainment” in the eyes of MILLIONS. It’s an imploding industry where developers are currently losing massive profits and shutting down doors. Game development will soon fail to be a sustainable and lucreative business if developers themselves don’t start looking at why people aren’t so hyped up for more games beyond what the Wii had (and failed to sustain as well). Guns, on the other hand, are still pretty attractive and valuable for the masses to get a hold of as the totalitarian bastards in D.C. ramp up more tyrannical laws to REMOVE guns from the masses.

Another problem we have is “prejudice”. The NRA, while wrong in their backstabbing, can actually convince the populus of how “dangerous” video games can be because we already have a NEGATIVE STIGMA against video games. No one can even JOKE about denying it. When people already have a premeditated prejudice against something, it’s easy for them to agree on measures to bring that something down. Why is it difficult for most people to accept that a  guy killed a teenager over some loud music while everyone agrees it’s a good decision to kill a mentally disabled man for the death of a cop?

So, fellow gamers, now you’ve got even more problems to worry about. Negative media influence, Necessity, and Prejudice. The 3 witches of Macbeth, if you will.

N.N.P. is the current threat gamers now face with the advent of this event. How will you combat this threat, fellow gamer? Argue on the internet with grown manchildren? Ok.

UPDATE: Turns out, a Californian senator is taking the gamer’s side on this issue.

The tables have turned!