You know, thinking back to that post about the upcoming PS4 and 720 (can Sony afford to make a new console at this point?) possibly being download only for games due to the terror of the used games market, I’m a little puzzled.

Exactly… what’s the problem here?

The industry has been on quite a crusade against the used games market to the point that they won’t give you certain content if the game was previously played prior to a purchase (say that 5 times fast). They’ve gone so far as to compare the used games market to piracy, which everyone should agree… is bullshit.

I think the issue with used games is that developers, publishers, w/e, they are expecting their games to sell for more than a 3 month window. That’s understandable to a degree. Considering that most developers are closing down their studios due to low profits, used games could be a huge problem for them. Though how long do they expect the same product to keep selling for? And why stoop to cheap solutions like bribes such as first day DLC? Not every game produced is going to sell strongly for years on end (not with these prices or this depression), and cheap shots such as DLC/license bribes won’t do them any good. Technically, you’re demanding a customer rushes out to purchase a ball and chain.

$60 for every new game that comes out…. is horse piss. If I buy a game at a high price, it needs to have the length of Xenoblade, at least. If I buy a game that only lasts for about 5-7 hours at worst, then who are they to say I shouldn’t be able to leverage it to gain something better? The argument about being entitled to sell something I already payed money for shouldn’t exist. If you paid money to sell a product, I have as much right as you do. To deny me that right is to claim that you are king and I am a peasant. And that’s not how this world works. Game developers got this job to entertain people. IE they bow down to us. To say what we can and cannot do with our purchase is to declare mutiny. Why is this fair? Because it is we, the customers, who dictate if they rise or fall.

Make your games worth playing, and there wouldn’t be a need for a used games market. Period. The main reason it exists is because most games are really worth their resale value. The only games I’ve bought full priced this generation were Xenoblade and Last Story, both enjoyable games that I could replay over and over again and still have fun with them. Mainly due to their content.  Of all the AAA titles I’ve played, why can’t I enjoy them as much as these 2 titles? Hell, I’ve had more fun with cheaper games like Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing. When your expensive games are less enjoyable than a Sonic spin off, you’re doing something terribly wrong.

I think the major problem is development costs. Every new generation, we get bigger, more expensive consoles that demand even more from the developers than usual. I feel for the programmers that are subject to these consoles overall, but they had a much cheaper alternative.


A cheaper gamecube with less development restrictions than previous Nintendo consoles. Having several input options was also a plus. Developers could’ve solved their production cost issues by going for a cheaper format. What did they do?

Do they get to compare breast sizes? No? NO BUY!

This is not a game. This is the developer saying “Fuck you”. And they want to control how I use my money!?
They considered it a waste of time. The HD consoles were the future! So what happens next is that they produce themselves into their graves. Many developers are now losing a massive amount of money. But they point the finger at used game markets. It couldn’t be the lacking variety of  content or quality.

The devs didn’t want to cut costs by going to the “inferior” console. So they went in and decided to eat away at their budgets just to create once in a lifetime experiences. But when they fail, they expect everyone else to make up for their bullshit. You… wanted to spend the extra cheese. That’s not my problem.

If you ask me, the developers have a very serious entitlement issue. To earn extra money off of an already purchased. It’s the mindset behind DLC. The person who complained about Heavy Rain is complaining about having 2 out of 3 million users playing his game. He’s lucky to get that much considering all he’s giving us is an interactive movie. He talks about making 5 million dollars in profits when he could’ve made a least 10 million, and that’s not even accounting for the DLC (which was canceled from what I’ve heard)! OH THE HORROR OF BEING ABLE TO PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE!

No. We don’t understand how difficult it really is to program for these devices. All we can go by are regurgitated statements by journalists, bloggers, developers, etc. Frankly, we also couldn’t give a damn. People use this “programming is hard” crap as a means to create sob stories so that we, the consumer, would be naive enough to care about the developers. And yet, they have the gall to treat us like idiots and do everything in their power to screw us over because they want more money than they deserve. They’re just greedy people. They attack the used games market due to a perceived loss in profits, but they just want that money.

Here’s the thing. The devs make money off the initial purchase. That in itself should be enough. You can’t charge people extra off of the same copy that you already sold. Why? Because it’s not in your hands anymore. When it leaves your center of manufacturing, we have every right to say “fuck you”. You put out these products for us. That’s all that matters to me at this point.

These “digital download” solutions are basically the developers saying “fuck you right back!” in that they’re attempting to strip control away from the customers. The power to leverage whatever we bring into our homes via a purchase. Imagine having a tool that locks itself up because the original buyer is no longer using it, making it virtually useless for someone else unless they plan to whack somebody over the head with it. Or a vegetable that was altered to poison someone the moment you decided to season it and put it into a nice salad in a restaurant. Does that sound rational? Logical even? Why should the content of a game decrease if you decide to resale it? If I’m not getting anything out of it, I expect to make some use of it if the money spent was again… $60. I payed my money, you can’t tell me how to use my game. Buying a used car doesn’t give the dealer the right to tell me how to drive it. Buying a used couch doesn’t give the seller the right to tell me how to sleep in it.

I don’t know why game publishers/devs try to screw their audiences over, then bitch about it when the audience finds a way around it… because of some stupid idea that somehow their industry should work different than EVERY OTHER consumer product in existence, but it tires the hell out of me. The gaming industry is like a teenager who thinks the world owes them anything.