Because it’s clear at this point that they’re ran by monkeys.

“Mr Kensuke Tanabe: When you think of RPGs, you think of the traditional game style where the user gains experience points and levels up. In Sticker Star we did our very best to create an adventure game filled with battles completely unrelated to experience points and level ups. We are calling the genre “Sticker Battle Adventure”.”

If there was a need to use “gay” as a derogatory remark, this would be it.

Check out this post where Miyamoto wonders if “story is necessary in games”.

The general idea is right on the money. A lot of story can be cut out of most video games because for most games, gameplay is what people really stick around for.

The problem with that logic is… this is an RPG about Mario.

First rule of Mario games is to NEVER focus strongly on storyline. Period. Mario has never been about Story. At most, if he knows what’s good for him, he should stick to saving the princess from that evil Bowser..

But here’s what’s wrong. Even THAT gets boring after a while. And the fact that this is an RPG itself. And that the gameplay is shit.

Every Mario game’s plot is the same in some regard. Mario always has to save the Princess. Or it’s at least the motive to progress through a game. After that, it should be a nirvana of fun.

But at the same time, as an RPG, it’s a general rule that they need some kind of story or motivation for you to progress. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare. It just needs to be interesting.

Or crack

And this is why the story of Super Paper Mario was not “interesting” to even 1 percent of the people playing the game. Because.. again. Peach gets captured, everyone thinks it’s bowser, but it’s revealed to be some “new villain” with a “big plan”. He sucks Mario’s friends into a Black Hole, and it’s p to Mario to save them by finding 8 hearts.







Yeah, why the fuck would anyone be interested in a regurgitated plot!? You know what would be interesting? If Mario was actually the villain for once. He finds out Peach is in love with someone else and decides to return to Pauline and start a coup to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. And then, it would be up to Luigi, Donkey Kong, and mother fucking Yoshi to go in and kick his fat ass.

But no. Lets make a game about STICKERS!

This is the main problem with Nintendo’s developers. They see people having no interest in something and put the blame somewhere else. Nintendo games not selling? Must be accessibility! So lets put in a dvd to help people learn how to swing the wiimote to do a spin attack. Lets make tutorial videos in NSMBW to tell people how to get over a certain obstacle! Lets make an annoying sidekick tell you specifically that there’s an 85% chance a FUCKING KEY is in a chest, and that you need to open it.

It certainly can’t be the lack of QUALITY in their department! No, the problem is YOU, faithful Nintendo gamer, for not knowing shit about their genius.

No one likes to talk about the Universe of Mario because it’s stale and devoid of life. There is a REAL lack of interest in the characters or the world because they preferred to focus on the gameplay. That’s all fine and dandy, but here’s the problem. You’re dismissing it for a game that actually NEEDS a decent story. RPG’s need a tangible story to hold a player’s interest. Or be crack like Pokemon and Phantasy Star. Pokemon is interesting because there is literally no story to be found. But it is damned interesting! Mainly cause the characters and universe have something called “appeal”. It’s interesting how the world of Pokemon operates according to little monsters that can tear you to pieces if given the chance. The TV show also had a hand in creating this environment, but the point still stands. Why the fuck would I be more interested in a game about stickers?

While it can be the case some of the time, people aren’t interested in the story NOT because they feel it’s not necessary to their enjoyment. But mainly because it’s shit. There’s no getting around that. But Miyamoto has never been the type to admit Mario games have a shit universe. Even Kirby is cooler than Mario. Man I love Kirby games. Taking the Megaman concept and making it so you can copy EVERYONE’S abilities was a stroke of genius. Plus, it and Pokemon are the only franchises not yet fucked up by Nintendo’s “surprises“.

If you want people to be interested in something, make sure the game has appeal beyond name brand recognition.