You ever get these types of idiots that go around defending a game’s quality by suggesting it has a cult following? As if it’s supposed to take the sting out of how badly a game did?

Mega Man Legends is one of those series of the Mega Man universe that is, for all intents and purposes, overrated shit. The series did not sell well to even consider sequels in the first place. Hardly anyone gives a rats ass about those games. But point this out on any forum, and prepare for this phrase to pop up.

Cult followings are like those small time college clubs that don’t go anywhere due to lack of motivation of club members. They’re small, lifeless, and devoid of any real merit or value to society. If a cult following was extremely important for the media men, they would be catered to a lot more than usual.

This is another reason why Capcom is popular amongst “cult followings”. In the west, most of Capcom’s shit doesn’t even sell. But they continue to put out more product because there is a tiny-but-loud sect of demand for a sequel. This is how we got MVC3 where everyone now hates it. This is how we got SF4 where everyone semi-hates it. This is why MML3 got cancelled. This is why Monster Hunter games are still localized. Because of these cults. Capcom is, of course, financially secure, so they can continue doing this and it wouldn’t hurt them one bit.

Cult followings have never revealed the true value of a video game. Ever. And for some reason, no one can see this.

You ever play Earthbound? You know, the one SNES game with a box so large, you could turn it into a surfboard?

Check it out here.

I like how the article opens up by saying “It’s no secret that the Mother series (Earthbound) has a very dedicated fan base. For whatever reason Nintendo hasn’t felt the need to make more installments in the series.”

While it states it has legal issues, those can be easily surpassed. There’s nothing really stopping Nintendo from changing what needed to be changed for a US VC release. But the real reason is obvious.

Because that dedicated fanbase is tiny. Nintendo has never been a company to cater to a small number of people like Capcom. Financially stable, but very, very greedy. Nintendo won’t fight legal battles for a tiny cult. Who cares about Earthbound’s tiny cult? The only game released in the west was one a colossal failure! And why wouldn’t it be? As an RPG, it’s shit. Slow, turn based combat where you play as 4 random, uninteresting children who uses baseball bats against dogs with rabies. Not to mention hippies, bees, and snakes. The gameplay is typical turn-based piss combat where the only real action on screen are text boxes and screen shaking. This being on the Super Nintendo where Final Fantasy already has decent animation for battle sequences, not to mention appealing characters and an actual story. And even THAT wasn’t enough to make enough before FF7.

EarthBound is a franchise that needs to stay in Japan if they’re going to continue the traditions that made it a failure. Nintendo is not going to make games for cult followings. Cult followings scream “no profit”. Cult followings say “your fanbase is small”. Cult followings say “you appeal to otakus”.

Maybe you’ve missed the memo, but the Japanese DESPISE otaku man children. And half the time, that’s what cult followings comprise of. It’s even easier to see why Nintendo would not want to appeal to cult followings based on that.

But aside from that, what do cult followings do for video games and developers besides waste everyone’s time by being used as examples for arguments over the internet?

Not a damn thing except keep to themselves or bitch/wish for companies to continue failing products. Okami shouldn’t even have a spin0ff, yet Capcom greenlit that piece of ass cheese over Legends 3? Shocking.

Just to be clear though, I do not hate cult followings in general. People like what they like, and if find obscure shit fun an interesting, more power to them.

But don’t mistake a cult following for “value” There is a reason why it’s considered a cult. Cults are considered a group of people who hold interests that are considered “bizzarre” or “abnormal”. IE, obsessive interest. Saying something has a cult following may actually DETER people away from something. If you want someone to try Earthbound, you would not say “it has a cult following”. What is good about the game? Not even the fans themselves could tell you. Fuck, they even ADMIT the game “kinda sucks”.

The Last Story is considered to have a cult following. I’ve met those fans. Most of them admit the game isn’t “great” by any standards (will still defend them as religiously as ever), but they still like it. But if you want people to try a game out, you need to explain why it is great. Saying “it ain’t the best” is being honest. You can’t advertise by being honest…. unless you’re selling prescription drugs.

“Cult following” is a weak argument to tell me why a game, movie, or a tv show is special. Tell me what’s so god about what you like, and maybe I’ll try it out.