This above sums up how much I despise Capcom at this point.

It will also be the reason that less people will be interested in the series.

Capcom is the school yard bully who enjoys taking a piss on everything people do. Whether it’s continuing to require unlock keys for on-disc content, canceling games based on lies, pulling dick moves to kill used gamesand lied about it,  or destroying franchises because COD sells more, Capcom is no stranger to taking pisses. What I find strange is that regardless of the many piss takes and ass pulls this company has dealt… people will still baste their one-eyed snakes.

U Mad?

It’s almost unthinkable to imagine that a company that shows nothing but spite for their fans time and time again, the fans are ready and willing to take the abuse. They’re like women who don’t know what a good relationship is and just believe their man is “hurting inside”. And the journalists, oh the journalists, seem to give them all the credit in the world. How SF4 “revived the fighting game genre” despite the success of Tekken and Soul Calibur during Street Fighter’s main series absence. How Mega Man 9 “proved you don’t need good graphics to make good games” despite constantly bashing the Wii 2 years prior to the game’s release.

Fits nicely. But moving on, there seems to be something incredibly strange about why Capcom continues to remain so popular with fans despite the amount of times they get screwed over by all of their bullshit. Everyone calls EA on it’s shit, Nintendo no matter what, and Sega especially. But people cannot seem to break their love with Capcom. Well, them and Square-Enix. Just what is it that Capcom is doing that makes everyone love them so much?

Well, turns out, it’s jack shit. Capcom never advertises anything outside of Resident Evil. I hardly recall any ads for Street Fighter 4 or… hell, any mega man game ever made outside of those “BLUE BOMBER IS BACK!” commercials. They don’t have any real marketing out there beyond announcements. So why do the fans like it? The secret…. lies in the fans themselves.

Think back folks. How many of you love Street Fighter? Mega Man? Resident Evil? Those are Capcom’s 3 top franchises. Now… how many of you actually HATE those franchises? I’m talking to you. And I’m certain there’s quite a few of you.

Now, have you ever voiced your complaints about these games on the forums? How many of you were chewed out the ass? I’d wager a good… 80-95% of yah. Believe me when I say Capcom fans will not let you shit talk their games for any reason, valid or otherwise. They are second only to Metroid fans in their overzealous desire to negate all negative criticism. Of course, I already said this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Capcom has managed to become a company of worship due to the fans themselves. They were basically just “kick ass” back in the 90s, but nowadays, Capcom is a religion in itself. I say this mainly because… of Street Fighter.

The Street Fighter Series will always be remembered as the franchise that “revolutionized” fighting games despite doing jack shit for the genre except make even more fireballs. Most fighting games before then had many of SF2’s elements prior to it’s release. But the younglins will not acknowledge them. None of them had thunder thighs. Much of Street fighter 2’s appeal came from the diversity of it’s characters and people wanting to discover how to do those “secret moves”. It only started to get obnoxious due to the game’s glitches being co-opted by other companies, like SNK, and exploded into a genre of games that became inaccessible to everyone with a life.

This was, strangely, seen as a “good” thing by the hardcore. See, the hardcore treat video games like women. No one likes to share women. No one wants to see their women being interested in those “other guys” either. So they demean those other guys. They threaten them, they might even resort to violence.


Anywho, the deal with Street Fighter is, due to a lot of people with a lot of time on their hands, decided that Street Fighter would be their definitive penis pump. They would study the games really… really hard, learn all the cancels (defined as the only thing you need to do to be good at fighting games), count frames, all this technical crap and start going to the internet, become the official authorities of the genre, and dictate how good you have to be to comment on a game’s quality. And that usually means you have to pull this off. And I fear that isn’t hyperbole. Most gamers wouldn’t be allowed to criticize Street Fighter if they weren’t tournament/competitive players. And even this is silly to define. Competitive gaming is now mutually exclusive from the living room and can only be defined as “sporting events” or “penis galleries”. The hardcore have been adamant with their desire to keep Street Fighter away from the “dreaded casuals”, even going so far as to write off SF4, MVC3, and SFxT as “not deep or complex enough to matter”. (ignoring that MVC games are clusterfucks enough as they are without the whole striker spamming going on). Typically, a lot of gamers would go around declaring that they play games for fun, which is quickly retorted with “winning is fun”, which is met with “I don’t have that much time, I have a lot of work” which is retorted with “lame excuses, you can make time“, and becomes a broken record on the internet. I’m sure the asshole that wrote this had more than a few roles in perpetuating this atmosphere amongst the hardcore, this despite being in fear of Akuma.


The hardcore will never allow anyone to shit talk Street Fighter. Another funny thing is that video with the Daigo Parry was actually the reason people give even remotely any real fuck about SF3. Before then, it was irrelevant to the world. But thanks to a tournament community, it is considered “the shit” by everyone in the world. But it was only by a Japanese kid cyborg that did an inhuman manuvuer was SF3 ever sky rocketed to the heavens. And again, how many people have enough balls to come out and say “SF3 sucks”?

The problem is that this isn’t exclusive to Street Fighter but to a lot of Capcom games. I don’t think I need to speak about Mega Man cause Amma knows MM9 caused a thousand shit storms since it’s announcement. But Capcom fans know how to keep criticism to an all time low via the universal technique of PEER PRESSURE! Believe me when I say many people, even those that are tired of SF4, continue to play it because of the “you suck” rhetoric used by the hardcore as a form of emotional terrorism against the “casuals”.

Change that score from a 6 to a 10 or you will find yourself in a most unprecedented war!

This prevalent attitude amongst the Capcom fanbase is probably the most notorious brand you could find. Other fanbases would not be so quick to judge your ability in a video game as much as capcom fans. Well, aside from Sonic fans who scream at every IGN review after Shadow the Hedgehog, but that’s aside the point. Peer pressure is a mother fucker. And if I’m being honest, that’s the main reason Capcom is still relevant today. Fans will tyrannize other fans into playing their games just to be socially accepted amongst other gamers. It sounds like a sad cycle, but this is the environment that was created by the hardcore. We could easily say “stay off the internet. Problem solved”. No. If you meet fans of fighting games, chances are they are those kinds of people. Otherwise, any discussion about video games in the real world translates to “I don’t want tang”. Video games are still one of the most socially unnacceptable products on the market. And gamers are portrayed as losers constantly in the media. And that’s gonna be hard to come out of with shit like this. (and the first vid was fake) The internet is the only safe haven gamers have to be able to socialize without fear of discrimination. And even THAT is becoming difficult due to gamers THEMSELVES making the social environment unbearable and causing even more discrimination against themselves. They apparently don’t know that damn near everyone uses the internet.

Bottom line though, Capcom games get more praise than they deserve due to their fans being dicks. Take what happened with gamespot’s Twilight Princess review…. “and multiply it by 6”. You get Capcom fans acting like Bridezillas over a single critique of a video game in the Monster Hunter franchise, and see who posts sales numbers to prove people wrong.

So why does Capcom get to continue practicing dick moves in video games where as there are massive protests over Mass Effect’s ending, or EA getting so much shit thrown at them for everything? Take a look at the fans. Square is no longer off the hook, people are getting fed up with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, Namco is getting slammed over voice actors in Tekken Tag 2 while every shits all over Soul Calibur 5, but Capcom? Naw, they’re gods. They’re free to go and screw us over!

Or maybe… there is hope? A sign that maybe even Capcom isn’t safe from teh dreaded casuals?