Let me be clear on something. I do not like shopping at Gamestop. The primary reason is because I do not enjoy being harassed to spend more money on shit other than a game I put on the desk. Secondly, used games shouldn’t go up as high as $40 (if you ask me). It just depends on the games. I don’t think Brawl should’ve sold for $40 based on the fact that it’s a major disappointment in every regard. I’ve never played a fighting game slower than Tekken. Brawl is a slug on acid! Kirby Return to Dreamland is a little more understandable considering I bought it used after a few months of it’s release (2 months). A lot of people would consider it a rip off.
Infact, prices on used games from Gamestop are always considered a rip off, because you’re paying more money on a product that has been used. Of course, the same assholes that complain about this would turn around and charge up to $100 for PSO on the gamecube “just because it’s rare“. It’s also quite outdated, and it has no servers available on them to play it’s title card literally. Hell, considering how shitty the PSP was, I think Gamestop’s prices for used models were MUCH better than the shit I see on Amazon. I still see prices ranging up to $339.99 just for the PSPgo.

No bullshit.

And just to be clear, the PSP Go released at only $250 back in 2009. If this the European version, that’s understandable. The problem is it’s shipped from the US, not Europe. As far as I’m concerned, PSP Go hasn’t been discontinued in the US.

The PSPgo REQUIRES the internet just to buy a video game. And it looks like shit. Sony knew they were ripping you off the moment they put this  out on the market. Too bad the fans of these products don’t understand that crap shouldn’t cost THAT much after the packaging has been torn open. It’s absurd.

I don’t want to justify Gamestop’s practices on used items, but dammit, seeing things like this just tells me gamers want more for less. And get pissed off that Gamestop trades in their crappy games for a pittance of the price they payed and resale them for more. Is it bullshit? Yes and No.

Yes, in that you expected more for what you were trading in and got shafted. Instead, they sold it for more than they were willing to give you for it. No, in the fact that this is the most realistic approach.

You mad?

Here’s the problem with Gamestop customers and the industry as a whole. Shit… be… expensive. When we have the ability to try and get things cheaper than before, we will take every opportunity to bring down the costs. We have our excuses. Oh the economy is bad! Things are too expensive! Yet on Sunday, I had to fight my way through a crowd of folks who wanted to fork over $350 big ones for a new Wii U. People have money. They just don’t want to fork it over until something they like is out there.

This is the real reason why everyone hates Gamestop. Because shopping at Gamestop is expensive. People expect to trade in their shitty games to bring down the prices as much as possible, and then turn around and throw a pissing contest when Gamestop won’t let them have their way. Gamers don’t want to pay money. And that’s understandable considering how expensive everything is.

But then, you go to #1 on this list. Suddenly, we have the urge to scream “self-entitlement”. And gamers will fight tooth and nail to “battle” this new label upon thousands of stereotypical labels that gamers have been given since the Playstation days.

And the funny thing is we’re all just as selfish. Living in a consumer culture, we learn to be selfish. We’re told day in and day out that we should have the best of everything, that we can look like hollywood celebrities without working out, or living like celebrities without sufficient funds.  So when you think about Gamestop’s business practice, well no shit people will get pissed off. They aren’t getting anything for free just by trading in a game, or stacking paper to the ceiling. And you know damn well that’s what people really want.

Gamestop KNOWS you don’t value your used games and consoles, which is why the trade in value is so low. They know how people think. You can just waltz in there and get a ginormous discount for trading in shitty games and buy up everything at your limit. Businesses like money. And if it means “ripping you off” as you say, you are going to pay some money.

As for why they resale games for double what they gave you? That’s even easier to explain. Have you ever heard the phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”?

What if the piece of shit you traded in is worth something more to the people buying it? What if someone else was a fanatic of said shitty game? That fanatic would probably fork over as much money as possible to get a hold of the game. If he/she really wants something, the price matters nothing. Gamestop would be stupid NOT to take advantage of it. If anyone was stupid for not taking the opportunity and just wanted to rush to a store and get something as fast as possible, it’s you. Just think about it. This guy was willing to fork over $40 bucks for a used game you thought was shit! You could’ve sold the game to him for twice as much if he was that stupid! But then, you’d have to compete against Gamestop themselves.

The easiest explanation is that you are just bitter that you didn’t get more than what you wanted, and had to pay more than you predicted. Half the time, people just say “I traded in games and got a low number for them” yet we NEVER hear about the title of the game. Crap goes for as much as 65 cents at these stores (even on Amazon). Because no one honestly wants that shit, and you know it.

You ain’t slick. You would probably sell it for $60 if given the chance.

Luckily, Amazon users aren’t THAT stupid. But there’s always a certain breed of people who honestly think they can get away with prices like that PSP go. It’s disgusting. And those same people would bitch about Gamestop’s credit system.

As for the issue of Gamestop possibly destroying the game industry…. lol.

Why do people buy used games in the first place? Well, we already know people want shit for free. But at the same time, there are those folks of morality who want to support those companies by buying games at full price. And those folks aren’t entirely the minority. And those folks are the ones screaming about anti-piracy issues like DRM and shit. Pirates will crack the security measures within a day.


Lets think for a minute. Why does Call of Duty make money, and why did people prefer to buy Heavy Rain used? it caused Quantic Dream to have a bitch fit over 1million less users buying his product.

The devs behind Call of Duty don’t apparently have this problem. Why? Lets stop being critical about the game’s quality and try to analyze why gamers prefer to pay for COD over Heavy Rain. What is heavy Rain about? It’s an interactive movie about Ethan Mars who’s son dies in a car-

I stopped reading at “interactive movie”. A lot of HD games have turned into Interactive Movies. It’s why the Resident Evil Series has fallen from grace, not just because it ditched zombies for tentacle monsters. Resident Evil sells because of name brand appeal, but if the sales of Darkside Chronicles is anything to go by, I assume it’s time to hang that up too.

COD is an FPS that’s all about multiplayer where you get to curse in your mic, talk trash and kick ass. Gamers have become monsters in that they want to dominate people. And video games allows that level of competition. COD provides a much bigger platform for this level of competition, even more than Halo it seems, given it’s setting resonates with our culture, and see above. Why the fuck would I fork over $60 for a fucking game that gives me button prompts to continue watching a shitty drama movie when I can snipe someone and yell at them for it!? No shit people are going to buy the game used! You’re just spending money and development time to keep Gamestop in business for years.

Quantic Dream sees me rollin. He hatin.

Lets just be realistic. If you want this shit to stop, STOP GOING TO GAMESTOP! PERIOD! But we all know you won’t do that. They’re close by, and have cheaper prices for most of their products.  A much better deal would take weeks to get to your shipping address. You want shit fast at the pittance of a few ounces of gas. Gamestop isn’t going anywhere because as far as everyone is concerned, you are too drunk on consumer culture to not stop shopping there.

You wish you knew how to quit them.