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Oh Wii. It’s very, very odd that Nintendo never caught a break during the Wii’s lifespan. I think a lot of people are, at this point and time, extremely aware of the prejudice that was unleashed upon Nintendo’s consoles (even by Nintendo themselves!) This is a complete contrast to the PS2 which got millions of games on it’s console with the highest install base. The Wii was this generation’s PS2, by far. The problem for the Wii was the lack of quality games. Never in my days of owning anything did I have to literally search for enjoyable titles on the system, and while it isn’t the most difficult task, the best games I’ve played were those NOT recommended by the Hardcore. Yes. Super Monkey Ball; Banana Blitz is more entertaining than Metroid Prime 3.

Just…. what the fuck?

The only titles worth investing into were 3 Rainfall RPGs (one of which we won’t be getting anytime soon), 2D revivals, ports, and 2D retro collections of games readily available on the virtual console. I mean, how sparse is the quality of Nintendo’s game’s on the Wii? You would be hard-pressed to bother looking through all the shit just to find the gold.

The sad part is that everyone is blaming the customers for why a developer isn’t supporting the Wii. It is the customer’s fault that Capcom was starting to drop support for the wii after Darkside Chronicles bombed. They claimed that the hardcore market had “dried up”. Here’s the problem. Capcom didn’t bother to realize that Wii gamers were getting sick and tired of rail shooters that were flooding the console.  We got so many rail shooters, but no Time Crisis game. And this adds insult to injury when Capcom themselves said they would bring RE5 to the Wii if RE4 and UC both did well. They both passed the 1 million sales mark, and Wii got shitted on.

A lot of developers have made similar statements. “If this does well, we might think about it”. And a lot of times, people outright buy games based on the promise of better things. After getting burned so righteously, we can pretty much say that these “promises” are undetectable marketing techniques exploiting a gamer’s desperation. It’s almost sickening to think about, but Capcom has been pretty ballsy lately with horseshit like charging actual money for cheat codes. Yes Capcom, we understand how stupid the Hardcore are, but this is unacceptable behavior. And now you know why.

That’ll be $30 please!

Quite frankly, I always had this idea that because the Wii had the highest install base, 3rd parties schemed (or were payed off) to sabotage the system and steer gamers toward the HD twins. That way, 3rd parties can even take advantage of them with $60 AAA titles as well as Collector’s editions and DLC and tons more digital content they can crank out anytime they please. You pay full price for half the content, and you gotta pay extra to get the rest (or unlock it on the disc). Since Wii’s online capabilities are shit, 3rd parties can’t rip off the “retarded casuals”. So they put on this show about how the Wii could destroy gaming, and how we, the hardcore, must rise up in the name of the controller and defend our sanctuary from Nintendo’s expanded audience!

And the hardcore swallowed that shit up like oatmeal from grandma. Looking at things like this, one would assume that Nintendo would “show those bastards how it’s done”. When everyone believed Nintendo was finished in 09, here comes NSMBW to break holiday sales records.

And then… Nintendo just shot themselves in the foot. Instead of taking advantage of their own image and putting out more quality titles, they started to sabotage their own console with their own brand of “creativity”. Here comes Other M and Skyward Sword. Wii Music, Wii Sports Resort, and the 3DS. The Wii died in 2010. Just what the hell were you doing, Nintendo?

I was kicking my aaaaaaaaass! Do you mind!?

If anything, Nintendo is doing exactly what the 3rd Parties want with Wii U and 3DS.

But ignoring that, it really does appear that the enemies of the gamers are the developers themselves. They seem to be out of control with all of their money grubbing schemes and intentional sabotage of consoles not named “Xbox”. It’s quite amusing to see Sony fans going berserk everytime they lose an exclusive. They’re feeling exactly what Nintendo fans have felt for 2 console generations. Neglect, betrayal, and being the mockery of any fanboy ever seen. Suddenly, it was the Sony fans getting the worst versions of their console games.

Console developers are no strangers to bribing 3rd Parties to NOT develop games for other consoles. This in itself is disgusting. Game  Developers used to make games for us. Now, they’ll easily deny anyone any form of entertainment if a console maker pays out the ass for someone’s tears. I never recalled this level of disproportion back when the Genesis and SNES were going head to head. The same level of quality for both consoles was evident. You actually had a choice in the matter. Nowadays, it’s honestly just the 360 for worthwhile games. The Wii was sabotaged internally and externally. PS3 was getting the worst versions of a majority of their games now. And this was a result of 3rd Parties.

It’s as though the 3rd parties have become the villains in this age. Where the hardcore have placed them on pedestals higher than the heavens, they have egos so astronomical, David Sirlin would shit himself. Instead of looking at themselves for mistreating their customers, they will instead accuse the customers of not supporting them. And then continue to screw over those that do. The game industry has literally turned into the Federal government.

But the one developer that has completely shocked me this generation…. was Sega.

Sega was considered an old rival of nintendo’s and now an ally. People amusingly believe Nintendo bought the company out as well. We would’ve all assumed that with the very decent support for the cube and early Wii cycles, Sega would be on board to help Nintendo.

But they too shared the same views against the Wii. It literally blew my mind when they stated they would not port Sonic Generations to the Wii….. because it had bad graphics. Lets ignore how fantastic Sonic Colors looks. Devs didn’t publish most games on GC even if it was much more powerful than PS2, now with Wii they say that it’s not powerful enough, they always have something to be disappointed for.


And even then, graphics is a cop out excuse. “If Street Fighter 2 can get ported to the Commodore 64, ANYTHING can be ported to the Wii” (+1 Sean)

I’ve actually read that Sonic Colors was tailor-made to appeal to the Wii audience. The game’s overall theme is a lot more childish than previous Sonic games at this point. So we can assume that Sega thinks the Nintendo’s expanded audience…..are just retarded children.

At first, I thought that was silly. I mean, this was Sega! They had MadWorld and House of the Dead: Overkill! But at this point, I might take ANYONE’S bullshit on this considering Phantasy Star.

This is Phantasy Star Portable 2 for the (god damned) PSP. Ignore the gay ass song and tell me. Does this look interesting to play? Look at the images of the demonic Beast race. The chick with the eye-patch and oversized samurai sword. You get a sense that there is something epic in this package, regardless of who it might appeal to.


Phantasy Star Zero for the DS. Yes. Sony players get some epic, more serious looking shit…. and DS owners get gay ass “4kids tv” saturday morning trash. THIS is what Sega thinks of the Nintendo crowd. They obviously like kiddy bullshit with Zero appeal, right?

I don’t know how to even end this post. I’m so pissed at PSZ right now.