Above: The gayest shit ever.
And yes, I’m using gay as an offensive term. Now go cry to Wanda Sykes’s boring ass.

Not only is the guy explaining all this is incredibly dull to listen to, but point out what he says multiple times.




While RPG’s are known to have puzzles, a lot of times, these are usually the worst and most forgettable parts of RPG’s. No one enjoys rpg’s for puzzles. They instead point out story or even the battle system being intense (but mostly stories). No one gives a fuck about the puzzles.
Nintendo seems to be the most brain-dead company out there now. Why do so many of their games contain faux-puzzles!? Oh look, you need a fucking bowling ball to get through a forest. Does that even make sense?! Yes, it’s called a mushroom kingdom, yes you have a plumber who can grow bigger with mushrooms, but now we’re just pushing it with bowling forests. And this shit is supposed to be sticker star’s best aspect!? I can just see it failing. Hopefully people aren’t so stupid they would buy this crap. Basically, all the puzzles will be based on a fetch quest. You have to search for any items that will help you get through a few obstacles to progress. This is not going to be a fun game to play.

But not only is this game more “puzzle based”, it seems Nintendo is going to fuck up the combat  system in that you now just select a “set of commands”. If you’ve played the Bomberman games with the charaboms, you will know what I’m talking about, and you will know why that shit never caught on with ANYONE IN THE WORLD! Not only were the charaboms percieved as shitty knock offs of pokemon, hardly anyone remembers that busted ass combat system in which you select a set of 3 different commands for each turn. So what happens is that you turn the combat into a programming simulation. I remember a game called Dr. Brain, it had this one minigame where you had to program this robot in the same manner. You select the commands and press go, hoping everything works out. But it was the worst minigame ever. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, think about the game Chu Chu Rocket for the Dreamcast.

And that’s essentially Sticker Star’s entire combat system. You have to find stickers, which are essentially the commands for your attacks, go into battle and use up each command per fight. Once you use the command, it’s gone for good!?

I can just see it now. You’ll be avoiding battles just to look or buy more stickers, and then march off into battle. So now even the FUCKING COMBAT is based on a fetch quest! What the fuck is with Nintendo and fetch quests!? Don’t they realize that people are getting tired of all this searching and endless searching for keys to progress through worlds?! It’s getting to the point that every game they make has to have some sort of element where you need to constantly find things just to unlock secrets or progress through the game. And no, Zelda 1 wasn’t based on endless fetch quests. Keys were easy to come by, and dungeons were simple to navigate. The only thing that halted your progress were the bad ass enemies. Hell, even METROID wasn’t a fetch quest. Not every item you could get was essential to progress. They were simply there for you to become more powerful, but more power ups you didn’t even need. For some reason, Nintendo thinks you need games to last you a life time, so they distract with stupid fetch quests in which they can extend gameplaying time. That’s all they’ve been doing with their games! Wind Waker’s triforce bullshit was admitted to be a deliberate attempt to extend gameplay time because the game was rushed! But dammit, Aonuma just… kept… doing this. And now Sillicon Knights, or whoever the fuck is in charge of Paper Shittio now, has been infected with the fetch quest disease. Every Nintendo game is now some over bloated fetch quest. But Nintendo assumes the lack of interest in their games is a lack of accessibility!?