This is also important.

Back in August/September (can’t remember), there was much ahem… “rage” in regards to the news that Bayonetta 2 would be exclusive to the Wii U.

I think it’s safe to say people hate it when sequels go to other consoles. There are several reasons  for this, but the most common reasons are.

1. Brand Loyalty.

2. Shit be expensive to buy multiple consoles.

I can feel their pain. Seeing as I played Godzilla on the gamecube, only to see the sequel go straight to the PS2, and played a multplatform Soul Calibur, while never having the sequels grace another platform that I owned (but we got that piece of shit Legends, fat lot of good that does me.)

Course, I don’t think people have to worry about Bayonetta, seeing as devs aren’t very loyal to Nintendo. Look at Capcom and how they stabbed Nintendo in the back several times on the gamecube. Viewtiful Joe and RE4 come to mind (especially when Mikami didn’t want that to happen, Capcom likes money. So… like fuck what Mikami wants). People raged that Wii would get Monster Hunter Tri and no one else…. until a PSP port came out. Samurai Warriors 3 was supposed to be exclusive… until an HD port came out (in Japan only!). People shouldn’t even have a piss fit over Bayonetta.  Nintendo did start playing the bribe game and the devs said that without Nintendo, the franchise wouldn’t have been saved.

Wait… saved?

Platinum Games doesn’t pay the bills, I swear. What else could we expect from a company that started with Okami, which bombed twice on consoles with the highest install bases of their generations? Have any of their games had any success? I could’ve sworn with all the fucking hype surrounding MadWorld, it would’ve shown that the company was capable of generating any real buzz. Unfortunately, MadWorld went out with a whimper. The only reason it got hype was because of the Wii stigma that the Hardcore shills buzzed around.


MadWorld itself was just a crappy attempt at “maturity”, a buzzword that people assume means blood and gore and tits. Hell mention the word “mature” in a pokemon forum. Bricks will be shat. The hardcore fail to realize that “Maturity” to your level of development. Your growth, both physically and mentally. Looking at how people react to a simple news post of video games (or a normal fucking opinion), MadWorld would easily appeal to the hardcore. They’re loud, brash, impulsive, and just as aggressive as this game is. Not to mention it’s precious art style mirroring that of Sin City.

The normal people saw through the Hardcore marketing (whatever marketing there was) and brushed off MadWorld, knowing how much of a try hard game that was. As expected, the hardcore will not admit that MadWorld was a failure and instead blames Wii Fit “suckers” for the game’s demise. Suddenly, there is no market for M-rated games on wii despite RE4’s great success on the console. But that’s just “name brand appeal”, which explains why Darkside Chronicles failed and caused Capcom proclaim the same bullshit. “No market for our wanna-be hollywood games”.

The Hardcore crowd needs to cut the bullshit and admit their AAA titles are just not appealing. No one was excited for Bayonetta because it looked like shit. Shameless main character with guns, tight leather suits, and a “sassy” personality. Probably has moments where she elevates women at the expense of men too, fulfilling the fantasies of feminists everywhere, which is all these “sassy” amazon women are good for.

Well… at least Bayonetta has a personality.

Long story short, if Bayonetta needed to be “saved”, it probably wasn’t worth saving. Usually, video games and tv shows that die out are usually because they are of low quality and weren’t bringing in the money. Nintendo latching onto Bayonetta is illogical. Why pay so much money to bring what will be a failure… to the Wii U?  Doesn’t your console need good launch games to attract people? All the Wii U has is this game, several $60 ports, a shitty Pikmin game, something called “Nintendo Land” where they turn Link into a fucking sock puppet…. and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge (probably my only reason to buy the console at a price drop, and that’s only for Momiji).


The star of my wet dreams.

*Pictured above*. A real Amazon woman. Knows how to kill shit, but isn’t a total bitch about her prowess. Why can’t more video game amazons be like Momiji? No, lets have more Chun Li’s and Mai Shiranui’s along with more Ayane’s. Bitches are much… much more appealing to western audiences (if Juri’s fame from Super Street Fighter 4 is anything to go by, damn I hate that bitch). Why can’t we have more women like Momiji? Kind-hearted, but aren’t total pushovers?

Oh right.

Anywho, the madness over Bayonetta’s exclusivity is nothing new to the world of gaming. But I do find it rather odd when it isn’t exclusive to a Sony console, then everyone isn’t cool. But when it is, no harm done. Sony exclusivity is a natural part of fucking nature. Otherwise, either Nintendo or Microsoft, a powerful elite has manipulated nature to serve their own interests. Therefore, Sonytards will FIGHT FOR FREEDOM to get what they want. Because dammit, they deserve every game produced to be on their console. Ever. Considering that Sony can hardly afford to make a PS4, they might as well start getting used to this.