Hardcore gamers are a fickle group of people. They should be featured in an issue of National Geographic for their estranged behavior on gaming message boards.

For one, the Hardcore are easily manipulated. There is no greater marketing than one where you give people an imaginary foe. It worked well for the war on terror as well as politics. Why not video games since most consumers of electronic media happen to be quite… well… stupid.

For the hardcore, it is the dreaded “casuals”. This term has never been used in such a negative fashion until the fucking Wii came out. Before then, it was used to describe a certain way you play video games. You play fighting games casually, I.E. you didn’t give a fuck about SRK or smashboards or other kinds of bullshit people use to exxagerate their sense of self-worth to a damn video game. Can you believe these jackoffs at Smashboards actually believe they contributed to the longevity of Smash Bros. Melee?

But aside from that, the reason why the “dreaded casuals” are so evil is because they apparently retard the “evolution of gaming”. IE, you would get more games like pac-man instead of more installments of Modern Borefare.

Pac-Man somehow winded up being confused with Ninja-bread Man as well as everything listed on the 3rd party wall of shame. And we get gamers (and even developers) who end up preaching about needing to become the saviors of gaming. IE, we need video games to evolve, and we can’t do it with these stupid children getting in our way.

Hardcore types (not exclusively gamers) are a cancer to any medium, be it books, movies, tv shows, comics, christianity, nationalism, college, you name it. They fucking ruin everything. If you’ve got a cool game and just want to talk about it or get something off your chest about what irked you in the game, DON’T! You will open the floodgates of hell!

Hardcore gamers see videogames as a Monarch Butterfly.  Monarchs, considered the most beautiful of all butterflies, are what I would call modern gaming of the 6th generation console war (arrogantly titled the PS2 era because it sold more). We won’t name gen 7 as the Wii era. Instead, it will be known as the HD era. It’s convenient and keeps us in dreamland where the Monarch was never shoved back into a cocoon because it just wasn’t fucking done yet.

You see, Caterpillars are fun. Butterflies are arrogant jackasses who think we shouldn’t have something called “fun”. Back when we were all children, at some point, we used to play with caterpillars. Caterpillars were fun and interesting little insects. It was cute and warm-hearted how they crawled around your fingers, tickling your every nerve. It was cool if you ever got to see one break out of it’s ugly furry skin and turned into a kick ass green worm. It was also a little messed up if they decided to take a nice green piss on your hands. The thing is, though, was that caterpillars were nice. Not like other bugs that could sting you, bite you, and even poison you if given the chance. Not Caterpillars. They’re bad mother fuckers, and we loved them for it. When I caught my first Caterpie, I never evolved it. Butterfree was always a pussy.

Caterpillars then decide that these “annoying children” that keep playing with them were not worthy of it’s presence. So, instead of embracing it’s fame, the caterpillar shuts itself off from the world in a cocoon. Overtime, it develops into what is known as the butterfly. Lets say the Monarch. The people that used to love the caterpillar is in awe of the monarch. It’s ravenous beauty, it’s majestic flight. The Monarch was a true work of art. The Monarch flies high into the air, impressing everyone around it. Then, a younger child comes out and asks “can we touch it?”

Qouth the Monarch “Touch it!? You, the unwashed heathen, would DARE request to lay your filthy hands upon ME!? The Golden!? I am the epitome of beauty! I am an artist whose passion and celestial beauty rivals that of GOD! You are unworthy! BEGONE! I shall traverse the world and meet with people that are worthy of my presence!”

The Monarch flies away, with a sneer and relief in it’s expression of contempt for children. In 4 weeks, it dies, and it’s carcass up for display in a museum… with people that understand it’s beauty and tragic life expectancy.
The is what I see as the decline of gaming. We encourage the medium to “evolve” into a pristine art form… and then it dies shortly after our “experience” with it’s spectacle. The NES, Genesis, and Super Nintendo were the caterpillars of gaming. They were fun, they were cool, and really “pissed” you off at level 2.

The N64, Saturn, and Playstation were the cocoons after so many years of being nothing but amusement for the unwashed masses. They were artists whose talents haven’t truly been explored. They were just getting started.

And now, we come to the Monarch of the 128bit console era, the last gen. The PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube. This was wrongly considered by the hardcore as the “growth of gaming” because they’re easily satisfied by sales numbers. This was an era in which gaming could finally be “understood” as an art form. To be taken seriously by those who were simply amused. Gaming could finally rise above the masses and declare that the masses are beneath it. It is a pure work of art. The greatest art form there is, as it could be the hollywood you could interact with. It is the alpha and omega (and could only be experienced to it’s greatest with the PS2).
But then… another caterpillar showed up. It was a wii-bit smaller than other caterpillars but was just as energetic and friendly as any. The masses started to look away from the Monarch and pay attention to the caterpillar.

Qouth the Monarch “HOW DARE YOU! I am a god you dull creatures!! I WILL NOT BE IGNORED FOR THIS… THIS UNEVOLVED… CHILD’S PLAYTHING!”

So… I guess the Monarch decided to take steroids to get bigger and meaner. But people still ignored it largely for the Caterpillar. Because Caterpillars are bad mother fuckers.

If none of this is getting through, then simply put, hardcore gamers want gaming to evolve into a pure art form. And the more developers cater to this attitude and desire, the more gaming becomes less fun and more complex. True art is complex and can never be fully interpreted. As such, people become alienated. Because now this art has become pretentious. It has become arrogant. It has become bloated and desperate for attention. It emulates a dying model of hollywood spectacle to attract people, but usually fails.

Art is not fun. Once you experience art, the thrill of it dies quickly. This is the case for many video games produced today that try to be art. Games that are solely recommended by the hardcore online who try to pressure their artistic or generic favorites on people by reposting the “top games for so and so console” over and over again. The lack of variety says the hardcore do nothing but take suggestions from other people reposting the same lists. IE more games are bought, more games are shelved or resold.

The hardcore now just do nothing but waste paper on taking up shelf space alone. Art is so beautiful that it can only be cherished the first time. Like a kiss.

It’s to want to watch a movie twice after the first time. You’ve already seen it. You know what’s going to happen, you know the hero gets the bitch at the end, the day is saved. Batman continues having mommy issues, that kind of shit. Video games should be different from that. Video games should always have a different outcome. It’s a medium that should be controlled by you. If you die by falling in a pit, you can try again and not fall in the pit. The pit is not the ending for your avatar. There are multiple outcomes that can be determined by you and your own skills.

But in order for art to be experienced, you need to retard the skill gap necessary to complete a level. Now, everything is just a process. You know to get a key and backtrack to the entrance to open a new door, you know to kill 3 enemies easily and return to unlock a new door, you know to press a switch while navigating a platform puzzle full of “clever devices” that scream “you will never be able to design something this genius like I could”. After the last 100 attempts to distinguish these devices, I don’t care about the design. The design screams “just kick my ass already”.

The Monarch cares not for your dissatisfaction. It only cares for your worship and praise of it. A god feeds off of your unwavering faith, no matter how many times it screws you over. It doesn’t care. It lies to you and says it is there to serve your interests, but it instead, it serves itself and demands your praise of a self-serving interest.

Caterpillars haven’t developed a sense of entitlement to be taken seriously. It’s a friend to all. And everyone is a friend to it. That’s how gaming used to be.  It was inviting to everyone. Now, the Monarchy that is hardcore gaming and the industry… it wishes to be exclusive to those with unwavering faith, despite not realizing their mission (to make a real profit) is to be inclusive. Caterpillars are inclusive because they do not choose to fly away from those who are interested in them. While the Monarch, with it’s artistic glory, is expected to die a short and painless death. Art is meant to last only after it’s first breath of air. Then it dies. The world of gaming is dying. It’s focus on art and graphics as well as bloated horse power has alienated the populace. Sony can’t even afford to make a PS4 with the amount of profits they lost with the PS3 and Portable.

In order for gaming to be truly saved, we need more bad mother fucking caterpillars, not artsy dipshit Monarchs.